+ M A T T E R S - O F - T H E - H E A R T + by Amy Ward

Has this summer heat gone straight to your head and got you feeling crazy? Me too. Don’t worry though, its only natural, there's so much going on around us energetically, there's no wonder we're feeling the heat. Summer is a busy time, many of us are holidaying, socialising with friends and enjoying the weather – the time for retreating inside is over and it's time to draw our attention outward. We have some how made it to the half way point of 2017, HOW? I hear you scream. I don’t know, it seems just a few days ago I was sat here writing about cold weather and retreating from the frosty energy that winter brings with it. We are here now, so better stay present and make the most of the situation. It’s the perfect time to check up on where you're at. If you're anything like me, you started this year with a list of hopes, dreams and manifestations – how are they working out for you? Have they happened? Are you still working on making them happen? Have they changed slightly? Have you asked the universe to help? If you didn’t ask the universe for help at the start of the year, don’t panic! The energy is palpable at the moment meaning it is the perfect time to start manifesting, whatever you want no matter how big or small, it is achievable.  


Today is the summer solstice which for us earthling in the northern hemisphere means it’s the longest day of the year (time to utilise it's full potential!). Summer solstice signifies a high level of cosmic energy, it's intense and at it's fullest. This energy brings with it a wave innovation both mentally and emotionally, the solstice shines a light on the areas of our lives where changes need to be made, bringing a new way of thinking and an urge for transformation. I know sometimes change is scary but now really is the time, it's time to work on figuring out how to make your heart and soul sing. The solstice is providing us with a chance to rejoice, to be happy or get happy, to celebrate the beauty of life and bask in the opportunities given to us. The time is now.  


As well as the wonder of the summer solstice June's Super New Moon will be gracing us with her presence on Saturday (3.30am GMT). Although her energy won't be quite as intense as May's new moon, two super new moons in a row signifies amazing new beginnings. The new moon will give us claritity on emotional matters that have been effecting us for while. It will perhaps be the shift you need to finally let go of emotional ties and start new chapters. I want to encourage you to get out of your head and feel into your heart more over this period, sometimes we spend too much time analysising situations when living in the heart is a much nicer place to be. Stay open and let the love and good vibes flow, trust in the universe that everything is working out perfectly. Go easy on yourself and try take some time out to listen to your inner voice, as mentioned earlier now is a great time to take check of where you're at, maybe spend some time listening in on your heart. See what she's calling out for, nourish yourself and start making those dreams become reality.  


As if that’s not enough cosmic craziness, Neptune is in retrograde – hold tight! Neptune is the planet that rules our spirituality and consciousness, it is the planet of our dreams, illusions and mystical thoughts. Its going to be in retrograde for a while so I thought id give you a heads up on how to embrace any thoughts or feelings that might come up at this time. You will feel more sensitive throughout this period and perhaps you'll feel your intuition heighten, use this to your advantage and really start looking after yourself, do what's best for you. It might be tempting to stay in your head and over think things but I think we can all agree being in the heart is better. Whilst our planet of dreams is retrograding it will provide us with an opportunity to re –evaluate what is truly important to us and like I mentioned there's so much of an energetical push encouraging us to do what makes us happy at the moment, it really is hard to ignore. If you are lucky enough to know what your souls purpose is then reach for the stars and make it happen. If you don’t know yet, have fun finding it, experiment, try new things, learn, stay open to new opportunities and keep flowing. Amazing things are ahead for all for us.

Words & images by Amy Ward.

+ Y O G I - D R E A M S - A T - S L C + by Amy Ward

What is it about yoga that has made it stand the test of time? It is so widely practised all over the world by so many people from so many diverse backgrounds. Some practise as part of religious devotion, some practise for health reasons, some because it's fun and some because it just feels good. For me personally, I practise because there is no where else on earth I get the feeling I get when I'm on my mat. My body is moving so freely, in time with my breath and at one with my soul. My mind is so clear, empty, free. For the one hour I'm on my mat I am submerged in my practise, thinking about absolutely nothing, moving as pure energy – at peace and in absolute bliss.  

At She's Lost Control we are going yoga mad this May and would love you to join us; 

First up on Sunday with have the amazing Pip Roberts with a Feel Good Yoga Flow class that will leave you vibrating high and set you up for the week ahead. 

Next up we have Lily Silverton and Aaron Horn hosting a stunning combination of Yin Yoga and live sound bath. Yin yoga is a really restorative practise that release physical and emotional stress, Aaron will cultivate a harmonic space to deepen relaxation and encourage surrender.  

We also have Lisa Hood offering us an afternoon of Yin Yoga whereby the focus will be on balance, detoxing the organs, nourishing the digestive system, releasing stress and tension from the body and clearing the energy channels through the chakra's. This class will leave you feeling nourished and in a clearer head space regards thoughts about the future.  

All of our classes are for yogi's of all abilities, the more the merrier, please were comfortable clothing and your best "yoga made me do it" smiles.


Words by Amy Ward

1st image credit Obonjan. Take me there. Enter SLC-OBO at the checkout for your special discount before 19th May.

+ M A T E R I A L - G I R L - M Y S T I C A L - W O R L D + by Amy Ward

At She's Lost Control we are absolutely in love with the magic our sister Ruby Warrington is creating. Founder of the online mystic platform The Numinous, journalist, now age spiritualist, co creator of The Moon Club and now author - pretty inspirational if you ask me. 

Ever wanted a guide, a helping hand through the maze that is being a modern mystic in today's world? Now you have one. Ruby has shared her personal journey towards enlightenment in the hope that it helps others. Being a hippie in a hipster world is tough, there are so many challenges. Can you relate to the "Real Life" vs "Soul Life" inner discussion that we so often feel? We are constantly battling our inner voice to become one with our authentic true self. Ruby reminds us that being spiritual doesn't mean we have to walk out on life as we know it, we can adapt and find our own way through the duality. 

In the book Ruby treats us to a light and humorous advice regarding love, sex, mindful dating and relationships. There's also help for anyone wishing to read tarot or wanting to have a physic closet clear out.

Sounds like a saviour doesn't it? We cannot wait to start reading! Grab yourselves a copy here

Words: Amy Ward

+ B A C K - T O - C L A S S + by Amy Ward

As we are transitioning into Spring, clearing out old and embracing new She's Lost Control are inviting you to get back to class. Why not welcome this season in by starting something new, something for yourself. We are encouraging you to take time out to learn something new, learn and nourish your soul. 

Join Florence Devereux for four weekly sessions to learn this ancient and mythical language. Using your personal charts’, group conversation and interactive games, this course will give you a deep understanding of your astrological chart and the skill to start interpreting others. The art of astrology is a special kind of magic that gives you a broad perspective of life, a deep knowledge of the self and a tool to see the beauty in every moment, even the toughest of times. Over the four weeks an overview of charts will be given along with an introduction to the signs, aspects, planets and houses. In week four the focus will be heavily on combining what has been learnt to interrupt charts. 

Through her own self healing journey Jo fell in love with Reiki and all the powers it held, so she decided to start teaching to share this beautiful healing modality. We are really grateful that she will be teaching reiki level 1 at SLC this April, the course will be a beautiful introduction to Reiki. You will not be able to treat paying clients (this come in level 2) but you can self heal and treat others and animals at home. We invite you to join Jo as she shares her beautiful reiki gift with you. 

New Age Hipster and She's Lost Control invite you to Tarot School. With games, meditative journeys, space for sharing and questions, totally non-judgemental vibes and a mega dose of fun, this course will have you slinging cards like a High Priestess in just 4 weeks. In just four weeks New Age Hipster will take you on a journey of connecting with your tarot guides, asigning meaning, explore spreads and then finally in week four you will be able to pull all the new knowledge together and give readings. 

Drawn to one of these courses? Click here for more information on how to enroll.

+ A N X I E T Y - D E T O X + by Amy Ward

+ A N X I E T Y - D E T O X +

"We are delighted that Chloe Brotheridge will be joining us again this Tuesday to host her signature workshop; Anxiety Detox.
We got up close & personal with Chloe discussing her own experiences with anxiety, why she chose to specialise in this field and gained a little insight into what you guys can expect from the workshop.

When did you start suffering with anxiety? Would you mind sharing some of your early experiences of living with it with us?  

It started when I was 15 and I had my first panic attack. I suddenly couldn't breathe, my heart raced and thought I was dying! After that, I didn't feel the same, couldn't trust my body and felt very out of control. Over the following years I would constantly worry and get incredibly nervous about everyday stuff. 

How did you start tackling the situation?  

I finally got therapy after 10 years, which helped me to learn about myself and open up. I got very in to personal development, meditation and eating well. It was small changes that made a big difference. 

When did you start working with anxiety?  

I've been working as a hypnotherapist for the last 5 years and these days I only see clients with anxiety and connected things like self esteem and confidence issues. I know that my personal experiences mean I can relate to them so much more. 

Tell us a little bit about where your career started and about your experience? 

I started as a nutritionist working in the NHS. I'd used hypnotherapy MP3's to help with my confidence and became more and more interested in psychology. When I trained as a hypnotherapist I was amazed at how quickly hypnosis could help people; even those who had spent years in psychotherapy with little progress. Now, I love being able to help people with anxiety who are going through the same things as I went through. 

At SLC you'll be doing a group hypnosis - tell us a little about the benefits of it?  

Hypnosis is a method of allowing your subconscious mind to become more receptive to positive ideas. It's incredibly relaxing, and feels a bit like being in a daydream. Many people feel better straight away, like a weight has been lifted. It can help you to reprogramme old habits and thought patterns to feel more calm and positive. 

We really look forward to your workshops – we believe more should be done to help people with anxiety. What can people expect at the next SLC session?  

Practical tools to calm anxiety, a supportive caring atmosphere and you'll leave feeling lighter and happier!

You will also have the opportunity to buy Chloe's book The Anxiety Solution on the night and have it signed! 

You can download a free hypnotherapy MP3 by entering your details at www.calmer-you.com/free and my book is out now http://bit.ly/TheAnxietySolution

We can't wait for Tuesday, Chloe has an amazing gift and is planning to share it with those who would like it. Want to join us at the Anxiety Detox? Click here to buy your ticket. 

+ S P R I N G - A T - S L C + by Amy Ward

The clocks have sprung forward, the grass is greener, the sky is blue and we couldn’t be happier about it. We are wondering around absorbing how lovely it is to see new life blooming, enjoying the all the beauty this new season is offering us. Spring is here and SLC we want to help you welcome it in, in true new age mystic style.  

The time of hibernation is over, it's time to dust the cobwebs away and embrace what lies ahead in the next season. As we are transition into the next phase of the year take time out to check where you're at. We are you right now? How are you feeling? How are those intentions you set earlier in the year working out? Have your goals changed? Keeping a journal is such a great way of mapping your hearts desires along with your minds chatter – perhaps try and write a few thoughts or feelings down to see where your inner self is at.  

We are all about moving forward at SLC, as we are moving towards sunny times it is important to make sure we take what we've learnt in winter forward. Let go of anything that doesn’t serve you anymore and carry forward the positive knowledge, experiences and lessons. For some people winter might have been tough with its fair share of challenges or perhaps it was the season of nurturing blissfulness but it's behind us now. Just like the clocks, it's time to spring forward. 

As we are approach April, not only is it the perfect time for a spring clean but it's a great time to have a spiritual clear out. Why not combine the two?  

Whilst you're busy cleaning and decluttering the house, declutter the mind. Leave old thoughts and feelings that aren't for your highest good behind, dust off your mindset. Get clear on what you want out of Spring and move forward with a clearer head space. When you're clearing out the closets and removing the last remaining bits of Winters dust open the windows and let the fresh air flow. Have a sage stick to hand too and remove any stagnant energies that are lurking. Using sage in your home or work space will give your space a new lease of life, there's nothing better than walking into a room where the energies are positive and perfectly balanced.  

Bring the outside in as well. There are so many beautiful flowers around at the minute and all the greenery has such life, decorate your home with flowers and marvel at their beauty. Having a house decorated with lush Spring flowers is the perfect way to honor the seasonal change. 

Spring is wonderful for many reasons, there's so much new life, colour and freshness around. Remember to be grateful for what has been, stay present and revel in the loveliness of right now and all its newness and remain focused on the future. Spring is the time to start shining. 

+ A N - I B I Z A N - D R E A M + by Amy Ward

I have always loved Ibiza, I have always sensed a special connection to the island. For me it was the place where I fell in love with all things spiritual. Many years before spending any time there I felt like I was hiding apart of myself, I hadn't really come across anyone that was spiritual and a lot of my friends and family thought it was strange. I am so grateful to ibiza, not only as it been my home on and off for years but it is the most magical, intense, beautiful, life affirming place I know. I have created unbreakable friendships there, shared amazing experiences and made unforgettable memories, now I'm going to share some of my recent Ibiza adventure with you...  

Last week I was lucky enough to spend a day with my soul sister Jo Lewins high in the Ibizan mountains whilst undertaking my Reiki || training. Jo is an amazing reiki practitioner so I was really excited to co create magic with her during my training. We spent the day in the most perfect villa that had such beautiful healing energy, the sun was shining and the views were incredible. Jo is a great teacher, she was patient, caring and really informative. She had thought of everything and the training day was everything and more that I had hoped for. I felt really held during my training and she explained and showed me techniques that left me feeling more than competent. The attention to detail and flow was perfect. I am so grateful to Jo, she shared her knowledge and her bright bright light with me, I can't wait to continue on my reiki journey with her by my side.  


At She's Lost Control we want to make all things mystic accessible to you all, as we are all learning to be more open, we want to share experiences with you and facilitate your growth. Jo is gracing us with her presence in April and we are inviting you along, on the 23rd 24th she will be teaching reiki |. Interested? Click here

Words & Images - Amy Ward

+ R I T U A L + by Amy Ward

Ritual - ˈrɪtʃʊəl/  


A set of fixed actions and sometimes words performed regularly, especially as part of a ceremony. 


Relating to or done as a spiritual rite. 

It might sound a little heavy to some people but at She's Lost Control we really believe in the importance and value of ritual. As the time goes on and we are all embracing our love and passion for all things magical, mysterious and spiritual, we want to highlight how amazing rituals are and how much wonder they can add to your life. We fully understand that the word ritual might sound intimidating and perhaps a little cuckcoo but it really isn't, at SLC we hold rituals all the time and want to share how remarkably special they can be. To us a ritual can be anything where you connect, recharge, take time for yourself, centre, ground yourself and restore. In this busy world we live in taking time out to nourish your soul should be a priority but if you are anything like us, life can sometimes take over. A ritual can be held alone or in small groups and should be therapeutic, healing and ultimately blissful. 

Your time is precious, we get that. You might feel like setting time aside to do a ritual is too much but we want to remind you how precious you are and how easily accessible ritual happenings are. A ritual will leave you full of life, euphoric, it will reset and calm you – what could be more important than that? What could be more important than taking care of yourself? You deserve some sacred, extra special ritual indulgence.   

Life takes its toll on us doesn’t it, we face challenges, obstacles, highs and lows but bringing a little ritual into your life will give you the support you need to deal with it. A ritual could be anything you want it to be; taking a bath, drinking cacao, setting intentions, pulling an angel card from your favourite oracle deck, dancing to your favourite song, burning a list of things you want to release using a candle, holding sharing circles, you could even turn your morning cup of tea into a ritual just by adding some mindfulness into the moment.  

A ritual shouldn’t feel like a chore and it shouldn’t feel forced, the minute any practice starts to feel forced is it serving you well? We believe rituals will aid spiritual growth and help you flourish, they can be planned or spontaneous but you shouldn’t feel under pressure to perform them. In years past, rituals were perhaps events of grandeur but we have taken to holding small more intimate rituals – they empower us, help us fill up on love & energy offered to us, and always leave us feeling high on life. Cherish the occasion and delve into the art of ritual, be mindful in your practise, learn and create magic.  

Words by Amy Ward