ENDO SISTERS UNITE! by cheryl stephenson




Ahead of their Endo Sharing Circle session with us, we caught up with hosts Jess and Vickie over a cuppa to get the story on how a little SLC magic brought the pair together to work on health condition that affects them both, and many others like them.

Dealing with pain, even via more conventional means using prescribed painkillers, can be a physically and mentally debilitating experience. When there’s no known cure and the symptoms can vary widely from case to case, treatment can feel like a game of chance that can often miss the mark and still not deal with the emotional side-affects that dealing with long-term pain can cause.




This Endolife founder, Jessica Duffin and Natural Rhythmic Healer, Vickie Williams, met at a She’s Lost Control session, got chatting and discovered that they were both living day to day with a condition known as Endometriosis (or Endo for short).

“Vickie and I have a alternative way of dealing with Endo to the norm” Jessica told us recently, “and it can be quite isolating because family and friends can think you're being hippie or extreme. Meeting Vickie was like finding my people (or person!) and we had a really long chat about our stories, especially as Vickie had quite serious Endo issues going on at the time.“

As they chatted, they began thinking of ways they could support others together and asked us whether we’d be interested in hosting a support workshop with us, “I remember leaving SLC that day feeling pretty high on love and support!”

Considering the fact that Endometriosis affects 1 in 10 (mainly women) worldwide there’s a staggering lack of awareness about the condition or treatment available. In the UK alone it affects 1.5 million women, but gets much less funding than conditions with similar numbers of diagnosed conditions. Essentially, Endo is a common condition where tissue that behaves like the lining of the womb (endometrium) is found in other parts of the body. It can appear in many different places, including the ovaries, fallopian tubes, inside the tummy, and in or around the bladder or bowel.

It can cause chronic fatigue and pain, depression, anxiety, heavy bleeding, IBS symptoms, urinary tract issues, hormonal imbalances, infertility, painful sex, allergies and so much more. For many sufferers it can feel like a bit of a never-ending list!




“Endo can seem impossible to live with,” Jessica explains, “but people are making progress and change with diet, alternative therapies and self-care, all over the world people are taking back control of their bodies with different methods that suit them. It's not an easy disease to live with, in fact, it's incredibly hard, but through support, information and connecting to our bodies again, we're learning new ways to live happier and healthier lives even with this condition.“



With their forthcoming Endo Sharing Circle at She’s Lost Control, Jessica and Vickie will host an empowering, caring and supportive session for those of you with the condition in order to relax and discover new methods of managing symptoms as well as share stories in an environment where you won’t feel that have to struggle to be acknowledged, believed or understood. 

It’s an opportunity for suffers to find comfort and be held by others who share similar stories, so this time we do stress that this session is only open to those diagnosed with Endometriosis – though we’re hoping to host future sessions for those with and without to broaden awareness and hopefully focus some much needed attention on the condition!

We have added a special friends discount to the session, so it really is a case of Endo Sisters unite! 

For those of you heading to us for the session, the Hackney Half-Marathon will have wrapped up by the time we start, but roads and transport will be a little more disrupted than normal on your way in. Good excuse to make a day of it, take in the race maybe or a little bite at one of our favourite local’s Grand Howl or Rehab. You can stay up to speed with your route to us at tfl.gov.uk


Crystals are everywhere at the moment, right? But how do you know what you’re really buying… is sustainability and ethical practice an issue within the industry?  Our crystal gal Jill takes a look…

 Working with the stone cutters in Rajasthan on my most recent trip

Working with the stone cutters in Rajasthan on my most recent trip

This is a question we get asked a lot, consumer trends have changed big time since I started out in the fashion industry 15 years ago.  Gone are the days where consumers blindly buy fast-fashion or throwaway items with little consideration of the source… who made it, how much were they paid, is it fair trade? The power of Millennials and Generation Z has helped us break the silence on equality, fair trade, and transparency. In the world of crystals, transparency is equally as crucial.

 Green Apophyllite from Maharashtra, India

Green Apophyllite from Maharashtra, India

So, just so we’re clear, the kinds of crystals we all splash our cash on aren’t in the same league as blood diamonds, precious gemstones and ore mining… far from it in fact. We call it specimen mining, and it generally involves excavating crystals from the rock bed, or collecting loose specimens as by-products from bigger mining projects.  Nevertheless, as with any industry, there are still some who don’t always play by the book, and as specimen mining isn’t regulated we need to be even more vigilant to ensure that our crystals haven’t come into contact with any unethical practices such as child labour, dangerous conditions, or heavy duty explosives.

Dream with your eyes wide open’, Alex Macintosh (Director at Christopher Raeburn)

Back in 2014 when we were launching SLC, we were lucky enough to be mentored by the inspiring Alex Macintosh at the Centre for Sustainable Fashion at London College of Fashion.  Coming from a fast-fashion buying background, this was invaluable experience for me, and his quote has stuck with me throughout the development of SLC and my jewellery line. So that’s precisely what we do with everything we buy. We dream with our eyes wide open.

 The small family run mine in Brazil where we source our beautiful amethyst

The small family run mine in Brazil where we source our beautiful amethyst

 Mined directly from my home town country, Rogerley mine in County Durham

Mined directly from my home town country, Rogerley mine in County Durham

This means we make it our business to ask the right questions and understand where our crystals come from to the best of our ability. Knowing the source in the crystal industry depends largely on trust and reputation. We don’t work with mines that use huge mine-blasting techniques and try to avoid certain routes to market that lack transparency. It’s our aim to pass this transparency onto our customers.  Smaller, family owned mines or collectors who’ve spent years building up relationships with trusted mines, are our first point of contact. In the past, I’ve travelled around the world to go to the mines and stone cutters in person, but unfortunately that’s not always financially feasible. Being sustainable is as much about financial responsibilities as it is about social and environmental, so we work towards having a positive impact in all three areas.  

 Jill mining crystals in US

Jill mining crystals in US


So, the best way for you to ensure you’re making responsible purchases is to do the same… be careful not to buy imitations and try to buy without too many middlemen from a trusted source. Short of going to the mine itself (which isn’t always that successful when you’re trying to mine yourself…. Look at these photos of one of my attempts at mining… lol!!), you need to trust instinct and reputation. Try not to buy a stone that comes via a country it didn’t originate from… this is when we lose sight of it’s journey. It sounds obvious but it’s not always that easy.  Alongside the loving crystals here at SLC, some of our favourite fellow UK crystal dealers are Crystal Muse and Kacha Stones.

As with most industry’s - be it fashion, food, crystals, technology - full transparency involves huge changes – culturally, socially and financially, it’s not something that will happen over night, but we can all take measures to move towards a more transparent world.




Happy Mother’s Day to all you mamas out there!

Are you a mama to be? Well we’re making today about you too… we caught up with Katie Stockdale from Peace Love Birth to find out how she helps couples prepare for a positive birthing experience through the art of relaxation…


Katie Stockdale founded Peace Love Birth after giving birth to her first baby boy Easton, which was a life changing experience for her in more ways than one. In her own words she was ‘shitting it’ when it came to the thought of giving birth, but the hypnobirthing and yoga techniques that she then went on to learn prepared her both mentally and physically for the biggest day of her life. The support and transformation was so positive that she ditched her career in fashion to help more mamas-to-be. We caught up with Katie over a cuppa…

So Katie, tell us a bit about what you teach…

I’m not here to tell you how to give birth, in fact a lot of what I teach is actually unlearning some of the negative beliefs we have picked up around birth. Things that have been working their way into our subconscious from a very early age. 
And besides, your body totally knows how to do it anyway - You could birth your baby in a coma if you needed too. How amazing is that? I’m always in awe of what total bad asses we are!

Wow, it’s incredible what the body’s capable of. A big part of Katie’s work is about building confidence, which is such a big deal for first time mamas. Confidence in our remarkable bodies and the astounding physical feats they are capable of.

It’s totally normal for women to not feel all that confident about giving birth. Perhaps even feel anxious about the prospect or scared. (I was absolutely shitting it in all fairness). Yes I am talking about how we can get something so big out of something so small! Your body grows an entire human from seed for almost 10 months so you can guarantee it’s got a surefire strategy for getting it out.


So where does the fear stem from?

Fear comes down to a number of reasons…

Firstly are changes, oh my, TONNES of changes. There are hormonal changes, physical changes and emotional changes. The dynamic with your partner might change too. All of these come part and parcel with pregnancy. Change can be hard for us to deal with and can leave us feeling a bit wobbly with a sense of uncertainty about the future.
Secondly there is the way birth is portrayed in the media.  99 times out of 100, what we have ‘experienced’ of birth is what we have seen on a film, One born every minute or Corrie, which usually portray birth as being super dramatic, sensationalising it for entertainment purposes.
Yes dramatic and tense birth do happen, BUT the reality in most births, could actually be quite boring. Lots of cups of tea, some breathing, watching TV and hanging out at home for a few hours - certainly in the first stages anyway. Can’t exactly see that keeping everyone glued to the TV screen now can you?
If you are going to watch those kind of births, then I suggest looking for Hypnobirthing videos on You-tube and seeing what the other side of the coin is like. Yes. Calm, positive births do happen, in fact they happen every day!


We know you’re not one for sweeping generalisations BUT what do you think would happen the tables were turned and Men were giving birth?

A- ha ha ha ha. Say what?!
B- I do think they would talk more about how good it can be.
(cue sweeping generalisation) I reckon it would be all about the Men who had the best birth and them shouting about it from the rafters.
But girls, that’s not our vibe is it. We tend to adopt a more empathetic stance. If we had a positive birth or enjoyed it (do google orgasmic birth if you get a sec, that shit might blow your mind) Perhaps we feel embarrassed or we don’t want others to feel like we are bragging about it if they didn’t have the birth they wanted. 
So we keep it to ourselves, if that’s the case, so not to upset anyone. The result of this is, it’s mostly the horror stories are shared. Girls we owe it to our fellow sisters to share the good stories! As long as it comes from a place of love then we all absolutely need to hear it. When you sign up to a Calm Birth School Hypnobirthing course with me or any of the other instructors then you get access to a super online support group where couples share positive birth stories for all types of birth - Yes it is possible to have a positive emergency c section.

Lastly and this is a big one. We have forgotten how to relax. The art of totally switching off. Sounds silly but it’s true, and I’m as guilty of this as anyone. We live in a super connected world. Think about the last time you were away from your phone for more than a few hours unless you left it home. Our phone comes to bed with us, we have multiple email accounts, texts, never ending what’s app groups, Instagram hearts and Facebook events popping up all the time.

You might work as hard as I did when I was pregnant, in a super high pressured job, working long hours and you were only ever as good as your Monday sales (which even when they were good, were never good enough!)
There are sleepless nights even before the real pregnancy insomnia kicks in.
You spend your weekend catching up with friends that you never get to see in the week because you work late. Cramming every last minute in your diary full of things to do before the baby comes, like some kind of baby bucket list, because let’s face it, you won’t have a life when then the baby comes right?! 

That’s so true! It’s often hard to remember the last time you did absolutely nothing isn’t it? This must add to more anxiety in the lead up to the birth, how does that effect birth?

Fear and anxiety, although normal can be your worst enemy when you give birth. When we are frightened or stressed, even at a subconscious level. Our bodies go into fight flight or fear mode, releasing adrenaline into the body which tells our brain that it isn’t safe to birth our baby. This can slow or stall the birthing process leading to a longer, more painful labour and contributing to a less positive birthing experience over all.  


But there’s another way… we hear you say. Staying calm, confident and most importantly relaxed throughout your birth means that your body is able to work efficiently. A big focus of Katie’s pregnancy yoga and hypnobirthing sessions is the art of relaxation. She combines guided relaxations with tailored yoga asanas and blissful Yoga Nidra to help mamas-to-be sink into a deep state of relaxation with their subconscious wide open. This is a great time bring in the techniques of hypnobirthing and work on confidence building affirmations, visualisations and building some positive stories around birth. 

Other than the obvious reasons, why is it so important that we practice this level of relaxation birth in the lead-up and during birth?

When you’re in your natural, calm rest and digest response all your wonderful birthing hormones can flow easily through the body - like Mother natures’ pain relief, easing the sensations (this assuming there are no special circumstances for Mum and baby where they might need an extra helping hand). 

When we are relaxed and calm, oxygenated blood flows around our body and is directed to the centre of the body, to the reproductive organs and the digestive system. Exactly where we want it to be going in pregnancy and birth! The uterus is a BIG muscle and muscles need oxygen to work efficiently. 
It also means that those yummy birthing hormones I mentioned, that will help make our labour more comfortable and can get to work quickly on the day.

And I imagine the baby likes this too?

Yes, relaxation in pregnancy is a great way to connect with your baby and indulge in some pre-natal bonding. When we slow down and withdraw from what is happening in the outside world, we can become more aware of our baby’s movements and this is a great way to start that Mama baby bonding process.

If you’d like to know more about the amazing benefits of relaxation in pregnancy then get in touch, or better still, come along and see for yourself! Katie hosts a regular Monday evening pregnancy yoga class down at SLC and would love to see you there.

Hypnobirthing is for life not just for pregnancy! 

#REVOLUTIONVALENTINES by cheryl stephenson

Join She’s Lost Control and Mama Moon
on a mission to make Valentine’s Day great again!

revolution valentine pin artwork.jpg

We’ve been thinking it’s about time that Valentine's Day had a re-brand, gone are the days of it being all about romance and lovers! We’d like to make it about LOVE in it’s purest form,be that for your brother, your mother, your sister, your BFF, your cat, your dog, your goldfish, yourself, your daughter in law, your son in law, your best co-worker, your yoga teacher, your cousin - you get the idea!

Time to forget cyber space and instead look to the stars to send messages of love. Amidst today's digital world, there's something extra special to be said about receiving an old fashioned letter in the post, right? All you need to do is locate your nearest Letter Love postbox around London where you’ll be able grab some paper to handwrite your letter of love to the universe (aka an anonymous person in need of your words of compassion). Address the envelope to a special person you’d like to receive a Letter Love. SLC and Mama Moon will then sprinkle some magic in the envelope and anonymously send out letters of love across the UK… they’ll let the universe decide who gets which message of love.


You can find the Letter Love post boxes at  She’s lost Control E9, Refinery E9, Rock the Frock Bridal Essesx, East of Eden E17, The Spread Eagle E9,
Studio One Twenty N1, 42 Acres, Ghost Orchid Bride Was Nails E8 and many more to be announced.

revolution valentine - SHOP INSTRUCTIONS.jpg


No problem we've got your back! Hit the picture below and we will write your letter love for you!



If you love this, join the revolution and share your photos on Instagram using the hashtags #revolutionvalentine #makevalentinesgreatagain #universallove #sharethelove #rebrandvalentines #sheslostcontrol #mamamooncandles

With special thanks our sponsors and supporters.

Oh Squirrel,Wolf Sister,

S L C - I N T E R N S H I P by cheryl eltringham


Start Date ASAP

It’s an exciting time here at SLC as the brand grows, and we’d love you to join us on our journey. We’re looking for motivated, passionate and skilled applicants who are looking for an opportunity to develop their skills whilst gaining insight exposure and experience in their preferred field.

The ideal applicant would have an interest in wellness related industries, fashion and cultural movements. Some experience in below disciplines is preferred but not essential.

The available positions are varied and flexible, you can experience elements of all 3, or focus on one particular area. We'd love to hear from you!



Working alongside Jill, who has worked as a Fashion Buyer for 10 years, and Cheryl who is an established Fashion Designer you will gain first hand invaluable skills and insight into the world of buying. Roles will include:

-       Product sourcing
-       Liaising with brands and suppliers
-       Range Planning
-       Sales Analysis
-       Inventory management
-       Sample management
-       Collaboration support
-       Previous retail collaborations have included Topshop and Obonjan
-       Sales Meetings
-       Product Development insight
-       Buying Admin


Have you got a marketing related degree or would you like a career in marketing? We’re looking for someone who can work with us to streamline our marketing strategy and give it the focus it requires, whilst developing their own skills and portfolio for future opportunities. The role will involve:

-       Social Media support – particularly Instagram
-       Marketing Strategy and forward planning
-       3rd Party management, i.e. Eventbrite
-       Website content/blog management
-       SEO, GoogleAds and Conversions
-       Website Support
-       Technical Support
-       Press Liaising
-       Managing call-outs and press requests
-       Mailers - Marketing Admin


Events are an area of growth for us at SLC. Having previously managed the Wellness programme at Obonjan, we are now working on other exciting opportunities to run alongside our weekly sessions in HQ. Are you looking to expand your knowledge and skills in the ever-increasing world of wellness? The role will include:

-       SLC HQ event set-up
-       SLC event planning
-       Event research and analysis
-       Eventbrite and other 3rd party liaising
-       Liaising with guests and artists
-       Supporting on collaborative events
-      Events Admin

To begin with, we are looking for someone who can work for up to 3 months, with the potential of extending this further (applicant dependent).  The benefits are as follows:

-       All travel paid for
-       All daily expenses paid for
-       Sales performance related bonus – details dependent on applicant, experience, working hours and availability.
-       One free event per week (subject to availability)

We are flexible with regards to days and hours and are happy to discuss feasibility with potential applicants.


+ P I S C E S - F U L L - M O O N + by Amy Ward

Move like water, go with the flow. Welcome to the Pisces Full Moon.


And relax... in the early hours tomorrow morning we are going to be graced with the Pisces Full Moon and what a welcome change she is bringing with her. The last few months have carried a lot of fire, the Leo moon had a lot of intense energy so we are looking forward to the switch. 

Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac so you may feel like a few ties with people or situations in your life are drawing to a close, it is time to leave the emotions attached to these situations behind and move forward. This moon is known as the Harvest Moon and when considering its timing, it is easy to see why. We are facing a change in season and instead of planting or creating new ideas, it is time to enjoy the fruition of projects you instilled energy into earlier in the year. Those projects should be ready and ripe by now – relish them! 

Pisces is a water sign so you may notice a contrast in energy, rather than the fiery energy of Leo that is action oriented and very forward, you may start to feel a softer more tranquil vibe. Pisces are highly emotional and super intuitive so this full moon is a great time to listen to yourself and follow your own intuition about circumstances. Get creative, be playful and have fun. Now is a great time to adopt the Piscean way and create for the love of creating, be free and use your time as a type of meditation. 

There is a real sense of dreamy romance in the air, Pisces are forever trying to find the fairytale and at She's Lost Control we want to encourage you to harness this energy to ensure the end of 2017 is as magical as possible. You may notice that you are in your head a lot at the moment, Pisces is a notorious sign for this. Constantly playing or replaying situations over in your head, pondering new projects, having crazy dreams and whiling hours away daydreaming. All too often we are told to dismiss inner chat but over this full moon period why not try and use it to your advantage?! Try keeping a journal of thoughts, feelings and ideas. Your dreams over this period might have important insight for you and journaling them may help you figure out how you can turn dreams into reality. 


In short this full moon is your chance to leave behind anything that you no longer need and move into a more peaceful place. Listen to your intuition, follow your dreams and get creative.

Words by Amy Ward

+ T H E - G I F T - O F - R I G H T - N O W + by Amy Ward

All too often I get caught up, I let life lead the way. I let the world dictate my flow and I seem to ignore my heart and souls desires. Ever feel like there's never enough hours in the day? You want to live a different life but you're not sure how to? Daydreaming of things that your friends and family seem to obtain but the idea that they could be yours seem too good to be true. Society is built on consumerism, we live in the fast lane, we can be fickle and life is at times shallow. We are no longer encouraged to enjoy the little things in life or to love and cherish ourselves, our neighbours or our environment. I for one want this to change, I can't be alone can I? 

I want to remind you about all the incredible goodness that life itself has to offer. The present moment is full of magic and all you have to do it slow down, pause for a second, be open and soak it up. I know life is busy but there's a certain richness about tapping into the bliss of right now and I want to help you find it. We find it so difficult to detach and let go of things in life we are absorbed in that, life can literally pass us by. Life is made up of imperfections and perfections alike, light and dark, good and bad but accepting that balance and learning to embrace it will lead you to a much happy place. Sometimes life gets in the way and you lose sight of all your good fortunes no matter how big or small they are. In the hope that I can help you reset, centre, find peace and happiness in the present moment I've written some of my favourite go to methods for filling up and rejuvanating on the beauty that is the right now.  

  1. It's age old and has been spoken about by anyone and everyone that knows anything about manifestation, for me it the most important emotion I feel. Gratitude. It took ages to really understand what it means to actually feel gratitude, it's so much more than just saying thank you when someone passes you something. It is one of the highest emotional vibrations a human being can feel. I'm not saying that its easy, sometimes life feels like everything is against us but if you can find the strength to start counting your blessings slowly you'll start to reap the rewards. I love journaling my blessing – no matter how big or small and once I see the list it instantly puts a smile on my face and opens my heart to the wonder in my life. 

  2. Stop worrying. Just for this second. I know it's easy for me to say and that in reality, it's very difficult but I want to challenge you. Just for a split second, let go. Be free from worry for one second. Once you've mastered the art of being free for a second and you realise that the world is still exactly as you left it before you entered your worry free heaven, you can work on prolonging that second to two seconds, then five and then even to a minute. It feels so good. Our heads are so active, we fret so much - we deserve to be free once in a while.  

  3. Live for you. We're programmed into believing that selflove is selfish when in reality it is of upmost importance. Being able to give to the people around you, you need to be full. No one can give if they are empty. It's time to fill up on life and make yourself a priority. Live happy. Do things that make you full of joy; visit your favourite places, eat your favourite foods, watch your favoruite films, read books that you can lose yourself in, spend time with your favourite people, laugh and love. Take each moment as it comes and embrace it.  

  4. It's by far the hardest but for me acceptance is key to being able to enjoy the present. Things might not be perfect but the NOW is incredible. Just take a moment, pause. Look around and breath in the moment you've got. What can you see? Hear? Smell? How incredible that you have senses to enjoy life?! Who are you surrounded by? How often do you take the people in your life for granted? Humanity is an amazing thing, connect with your loved ones and strangers alike, cherish them, share and love more. Open your heart and fill up on lives energy.  

I can't stress this enough but there really is power in manifestation. Figure out what you truly desire in life, test out my tips for living in the present and watch the magic happen. Positive things happen to people that live abundantly, life is rich with so many gifts ready for you to tap into them. Live happy, be free, be present and enjoy.  

Images & Words by Amy Ward

+ M A T T E R S - O F - T H E - H E A R T + by Amy Ward

Has this summer heat gone straight to your head and got you feeling crazy? Me too. Don’t worry though, its only natural, there's so much going on around us energetically, there's no wonder we're feeling the heat. Summer is a busy time, many of us are holidaying, socialising with friends and enjoying the weather – the time for retreating inside is over and it's time to draw our attention outward. We have some how made it to the half way point of 2017, HOW? I hear you scream. I don’t know, it seems just a few days ago I was sat here writing about cold weather and retreating from the frosty energy that winter brings with it. We are here now, so better stay present and make the most of the situation. It’s the perfect time to check up on where you're at. If you're anything like me, you started this year with a list of hopes, dreams and manifestations – how are they working out for you? Have they happened? Are you still working on making them happen? Have they changed slightly? Have you asked the universe to help? If you didn’t ask the universe for help at the start of the year, don’t panic! The energy is palpable at the moment meaning it is the perfect time to start manifesting, whatever you want no matter how big or small, it is achievable.  


Today is the summer solstice which for us earthling in the northern hemisphere means it’s the longest day of the year (time to utilise it's full potential!). Summer solstice signifies a high level of cosmic energy, it's intense and at it's fullest. This energy brings with it a wave innovation both mentally and emotionally, the solstice shines a light on the areas of our lives where changes need to be made, bringing a new way of thinking and an urge for transformation. I know sometimes change is scary but now really is the time, it's time to work on figuring out how to make your heart and soul sing. The solstice is providing us with a chance to rejoice, to be happy or get happy, to celebrate the beauty of life and bask in the opportunities given to us. The time is now.  


As well as the wonder of the summer solstice June's Super New Moon will be gracing us with her presence on Saturday (3.30am GMT). Although her energy won't be quite as intense as May's new moon, two super new moons in a row signifies amazing new beginnings. The new moon will give us claritity on emotional matters that have been effecting us for while. It will perhaps be the shift you need to finally let go of emotional ties and start new chapters. I want to encourage you to get out of your head and feel into your heart more over this period, sometimes we spend too much time analysising situations when living in the heart is a much nicer place to be. Stay open and let the love and good vibes flow, trust in the universe that everything is working out perfectly. Go easy on yourself and try take some time out to listen to your inner voice, as mentioned earlier now is a great time to take check of where you're at, maybe spend some time listening in on your heart. See what she's calling out for, nourish yourself and start making those dreams become reality.  


As if that’s not enough cosmic craziness, Neptune is in retrograde – hold tight! Neptune is the planet that rules our spirituality and consciousness, it is the planet of our dreams, illusions and mystical thoughts. Its going to be in retrograde for a while so I thought id give you a heads up on how to embrace any thoughts or feelings that might come up at this time. You will feel more sensitive throughout this period and perhaps you'll feel your intuition heighten, use this to your advantage and really start looking after yourself, do what's best for you. It might be tempting to stay in your head and over think things but I think we can all agree being in the heart is better. Whilst our planet of dreams is retrograding it will provide us with an opportunity to re –evaluate what is truly important to us and like I mentioned there's so much of an energetical push encouraging us to do what makes us happy at the moment, it really is hard to ignore. If you are lucky enough to know what your souls purpose is then reach for the stars and make it happen. If you don’t know yet, have fun finding it, experiment, try new things, learn, stay open to new opportunities and keep flowing. Amazing things are ahead for all for us.

Words & images by Amy Ward.