JODY SHIELD / by cheryl stephenson

Modern mysticism is at the heart of She’s Lost Control, and we’re on a mission to prove that spirituality and fashion don’t need to be mutually exclusive. Who’s to say that you can’t meditate whilst head to toe in Chanel?                                                                               Afterall, this modern world is a material world. 

Not only is it a material world, but it’s a complex world, a world full of expectations, pressure, and desires, and we’re excited to have Jody Shield on board as a key collaborator of She’s Lost Control to help us with these modern age challenges. 


Guided by her powerful intuition, Jody is quickly becoming a name shared amongst London’s artists, musicians and creatives amidst thriving city lifestyle. Having left a career in advertising, Jody and has carved out a new path as a highly intuitive practitioner setting about to solve all our modern woes. Influenced by her own enthusiasm, passion and uplifting energy, she learned many techniques working with spiritual healers whilst visiting tribes in South America.

 ‘I teach you to create more love in your life, so it oozes out of every pore and comes back tenfold. I help you shift into another reality: the one you create. You are the master of your destiny. You choose what you want in your life.’

Jody uses healing techniques, life-changing coaching and psychological insight to tap into any deeply hidden issues and move you onto a happier path, making you feel lighter and more energized. 

Join Jody at She’s Lost Control for her group Light Grid sessions, a new and powerful form of guided meditation which focuses on physical and energetic clearing.

It’s unique as it clears straight from the core or central belief systems – the root of all your issues, enabling you to understand your life on a deeper level, take control of your direction and live in the present. 

Alternatively, start your weekend as you mean to go on with Jody’s natural high ‘get ready for the weekend’ group meditation. Feel energised, light and free! 


Jody Shield at She’s Lost Control, The Hackney Shop, 99 Morning Lane, Hackney, E9


Wed 13th Aug – 7.30pm - Light Grids Group Meditation

Wed 20th Aug – 7.30pm - Light Grids Group Meditation


Email to reserve a space