ROCOCO WONDERLAND NEON ART / by cheryl stephenson

She’s Lost Control is an inspiring and curious concept that will draw you in, and what better way to evoke some emotion than with the glowing lights of Rococo Wonderland Neon Art. 

Neon art was a natural progression for this 80s child who spent the turn of the millennium in the glowing neon wonderland that was northern England’s dance music scene. From adorning her friends in UV costumes at the end of the 90s, to displaying luminous artworks in venues across the world, Rococo had found her creative haven.

‘I created a couple of pieces for my own home and found  myself mesmerised by the idea of conveying darkness within light, via the use of themes such as 'chaos', 'control', 'power', 'limbo', 'oblivion', and 'sin'.’


Rococo Wonderland uses the beauty of light to convey darkness within human life, existence and emotion. She draws inspiration from the chaotic playground of her London life and the fears, questions, realisations, life experiences and friends she’s collected along the way. Every piece has meaning and is derived from a personal feeling or moment in time, aiming to encourage the viewer to engage and take from it themes and questions relevant to their own life experiences. 

Deep, dark and light, Rococo Wonderland is more than just neon lights, and we’re really excited to be stocking her artwork at \she’s Lost Control.



She’s Lost Control, The Hackney Shop, 99 Morning Lane, Hackney, E9, from 7th August.