+ L O V E - A F F A I R + / by Amy Ward

Love is in the air. Well, love is in the sky at the moment actually. Whether you believe it or not astrology has a huge part to play in our lives. Have you ever questioned the term “written in the stars”? It’s said that the happenings in the zodiac can really effect the way we feel and behave which makes sense when you think about it - we aren’t separate from the universe, we are the universe. The planets are providing us with a auspicious and emotionally charged sky scape right now. 

On the 6th January Venus moved into Pisces in the zodiac heightening all of our emotions, and surrounding us by love. This might create poetry in your life as romance and creativity increase, get set to give and receive love, surrender and let it take hold of you. Prepare to love unconditionally; whether its people, places, arts or music. 

This shift was then followed by a very rare planetary occurrence in the sky, all planets started moving in direct motion, in perfect alignment. This will continue to happen until the 6th February and will energize us here on planet earth. While the planets are direct the vibrations of the solar system will provide great assistance for any creative endeavors - take the creative energy given to you by Venus' move and nurture your ideas, the solar system has your back, now is the time. 

The Cancerian Full Moon then came along a literally threw everything up in the air, emotions were everywhere and there was a real sense of fear around. Thankfully the new moon is here tonight inviting a fresh way of thinking. An Aquarius New Moon may feel like its restricting and limiting you but remember its a new moon, a chance to get clear on things and face the future with a new outlook. This is a time to come together and bath in the unconditional love thats on offer and trust in the universe. 

Whilst emotions are running so high and we are approaching our February love month at She’s Lost Control, we want to remind you how important it is to take care of yourself and self love. Over the New Moon take time out to write some affirmations that will emotionally support you or encourage you to look after yourself properly. 

Be present and notice what emotions are coming up, let the emotions be, don't try to change or fight them. There is so much love around at the minute, be open and let it flow through you. 

At She’s Lost Control we have got so much self love loveliness planned for February, we guarantee to raise your spirits. Come join us and get lost in the sacred vibration of a sound healing cacao ceremony or join our rose quartz workshop to harness the power of the crystal and invoke more love in your life. 

No matter how you're feeling right now we’ve got you, we love you.

Words by Amy Ward.