+ F U L L - M O O N - I N - L E O + / by Amy Ward

There is a lot of fiery energy at the moment, everything feels like its moving really fast and it might feel like you are constantly trying to keep up. Have you been feeling like there are restrictions and boundaries stopping you from achieving your hearts' desires? Are you feeling like there are things in the way of you reacting or rebelling? Things in the way of you having fun? A full moon in Leo is providing us with the space to let go of all those feelings now. The roar of a lion and its bright burning light will shine on the issues we have been hiding away, it is time to bring them to the surface and let them go. Be brave like a lion and love with an open heart, tackle the issues with endless amounts of love and aim to overcome any restrictions.  

The lunar eclipse in tonight's sky is encouraging us to take time to focus our attention on our relationships at the moment too; use this energetic shift to bring harmony into your relationships, all relationships.  

Uncovering the issues that have been causing us to feel trapped and looking at them in the light is not necessarily easy but the Leo moon will leave us feeling full of self love, we will radiate, glow and be able to hold our head high like the head of the pride. Leo's are fun, loving, creative, wild and live in the now – channel your inner Leo in order to feel lighter and in blissful harmony. 

Words by Amy Ward