+ T H E - A R T - O F - M E - T I M E + / by Amy Ward


There's so much love in the air at the moment it's easy to get lost in it. Whether you're drunk on love or love sick this month we want to emphasise how important self love is. Whether you are single, with someone or in the midsts of "its complicated" we want to remind you how important it is to love yourself, after all the best way to be loved is to love yourself.  

Sometimes it can feel like life is going at 100mph, it can sometimes feel like we are rushing around and constantly trying to keep up with the demands of life. It is important to take time out to reconnect with ourselves. Life can take its toll and we might feel like we are busy being there for everyone else rather than being there for ourselves. This February why not take time to get back to you? Taking time out to reconnect with who you really are and recharge might seem impossible at the minute but if you can find the time, the results will be wonderful.  

Take time out. It sounds easier than it is doesn’t it? If you are anything like us our dairies are choca block but in order to look after yourself you will need to dedicate time to yourself.  

Separate and find solitude. Sometimes being around people all of the time can deplete your energy even when you don't realise, set aside alone time.  

What makes you happy? When taking time out for yourself, it is finally an opportunity to do what makes you happy. Take that well deserved break and self indulge a little.  

At She's Lost Control we've have listed some of our favourite me time activities; 

Take a long, recharging bath time soak. A bath is always an experience to relish but why not step it up a notch, infuse the water with your favourite crystals, add rose petals or salts, sprinkle in your favourite oils and burn some natural candles. This is a sure fired way to relax, recharge and soak up healing vibes. 

Create. Often as we grow older and our lives get busier we lose our childlike desire to create but it is so incredibly therapeutic. Honestly it does not matter what you create, just create for creatings sake.  

Get moving. When was the last time you played for your favourite song on the speaker, turned it up and danced around the room challenging your inner pop star? Whether its dancing, yoga or working out moving will raise those endorphins leaving you feeling refreshed and on a high after you me time.  

Reconnect with nature. Getting outside might seem unappealing in this cold weather but the nature is so healing. Whether it’s a long rambling walk or a quick visit to the local park being amongst greenery will calm and revive you. 

Shut out the world and get lost. There is something really calming about both reading and cooking. We adore books and food. Taking time out away from everyone to create a culinary masterpiece or lose yourself in a new read is blissful. Whichever you prefer they are both heart warming and a treat for the soul.  

Life is busy we get that but, taking time for yourself is a necessity in order to keep your light shining bright. Press pause on the world for a little while and recharge, rejuvenate and self love. Me time is waiting for you. 

Words by Amy Ward