+ R I T U A L + / by Amy Ward

Ritual - ˈrɪtʃʊəl/  


A set of fixed actions and sometimes words performed regularly, especially as part of a ceremony. 


Relating to or done as a spiritual rite. 

It might sound a little heavy to some people but at She's Lost Control we really believe in the importance and value of ritual. As the time goes on and we are all embracing our love and passion for all things magical, mysterious and spiritual, we want to highlight how amazing rituals are and how much wonder they can add to your life. We fully understand that the word ritual might sound intimidating and perhaps a little cuckcoo but it really isn't, at SLC we hold rituals all the time and want to share how remarkably special they can be. To us a ritual can be anything where you connect, recharge, take time for yourself, centre, ground yourself and restore. In this busy world we live in taking time out to nourish your soul should be a priority but if you are anything like us, life can sometimes take over. A ritual can be held alone or in small groups and should be therapeutic, healing and ultimately blissful. 

Your time is precious, we get that. You might feel like setting time aside to do a ritual is too much but we want to remind you how precious you are and how easily accessible ritual happenings are. A ritual will leave you full of life, euphoric, it will reset and calm you – what could be more important than that? What could be more important than taking care of yourself? You deserve some sacred, extra special ritual indulgence.   

Life takes its toll on us doesn’t it, we face challenges, obstacles, highs and lows but bringing a little ritual into your life will give you the support you need to deal with it. A ritual could be anything you want it to be; taking a bath, drinking cacao, setting intentions, pulling an angel card from your favourite oracle deck, dancing to your favourite song, burning a list of things you want to release using a candle, holding sharing circles, you could even turn your morning cup of tea into a ritual just by adding some mindfulness into the moment.  

A ritual shouldn’t feel like a chore and it shouldn’t feel forced, the minute any practice starts to feel forced is it serving you well? We believe rituals will aid spiritual growth and help you flourish, they can be planned or spontaneous but you shouldn’t feel under pressure to perform them. In years past, rituals were perhaps events of grandeur but we have taken to holding small more intimate rituals – they empower us, help us fill up on love & energy offered to us, and always leave us feeling high on life. Cherish the occasion and delve into the art of ritual, be mindful in your practise, learn and create magic.  

Words by Amy Ward