+ L E T T E R - L O V E + / by Amy Ward

Amidst today's digital world, there's something extra special to be said about receiving an old fashioned love letter in the post, right? Our Letter Love series forgets cyber space and looks to the stars to make perfect love matches. 

At SLC we really believe in the power of love, unconditional love that is and we want to spread those vibes around. It is an amazing experience to share the gift of love not matter who it is with and this February we are facilitating this diffusion of love. 

We are offering you different types of letter love packages depending on your desires. The love packages will contain; 

- Letter written by you and printed anonymously on our
  Letter Love paper
- 50ml + L O V E + Room Spray
- Crystal selected by She's Lost Control, including crystal info
- Motivational affirmation cards selected by She's Lost Control
- Packaged and delivered in gift tube

We will craft and help create the perfect package for you or a loved one using our knowledge of astrology, match making skills and mystical ways. 

There are three types of love letter to chose from; 

- Secret Crush - Send your unsuspecting secret crush a love letter to let them know they have got an admirer.
- Self Love - Send yourself some self love to remind yourself of the loveliness you need to hear right now. We will then match what you need to hear up with someone elses' letter so that you receive a lush letter from a stranger reminding you how fabulous you are. 
- For a Friend - We will wave some magic over your letter and add some enchantment resulting in the perfect love note for your closest friend.