+ A N - I B I Z A N - D R E A M + / by Amy Ward

I have always loved Ibiza, I have always sensed a special connection to the island. For me it was the place where I fell in love with all things spiritual. Many years before spending any time there I felt like I was hiding apart of myself, I hadn't really come across anyone that was spiritual and a lot of my friends and family thought it was strange. I am so grateful to ibiza, not only as it been my home on and off for years but it is the most magical, intense, beautiful, life affirming place I know. I have created unbreakable friendships there, shared amazing experiences and made unforgettable memories, now I'm going to share some of my recent Ibiza adventure with you...  

Last week I was lucky enough to spend a day with my soul sister Jo Lewins high in the Ibizan mountains whilst undertaking my Reiki || training. Jo is an amazing reiki practitioner so I was really excited to co create magic with her during my training. We spent the day in the most perfect villa that had such beautiful healing energy, the sun was shining and the views were incredible. Jo is a great teacher, she was patient, caring and really informative. She had thought of everything and the training day was everything and more that I had hoped for. I felt really held during my training and she explained and showed me techniques that left me feeling more than competent. The attention to detail and flow was perfect. I am so grateful to Jo, she shared her knowledge and her bright bright light with me, I can't wait to continue on my reiki journey with her by my side.  


At She's Lost Control we want to make all things mystic accessible to you all, as we are all learning to be more open, we want to share experiences with you and facilitate your growth. Jo is gracing us with her presence in April and we are inviting you along, on the 23rd 24th she will be teaching reiki |. Interested? Click here

Words & Images - Amy Ward