+ S P R I N G - A T - S L C + / by Amy Ward

The clocks have sprung forward, the grass is greener, the sky is blue and we couldn’t be happier about it. We are wondering around absorbing how lovely it is to see new life blooming, enjoying the all the beauty this new season is offering us. Spring is here and SLC we want to help you welcome it in, in true new age mystic style.  

The time of hibernation is over, it's time to dust the cobwebs away and embrace what lies ahead in the next season. As we are transition into the next phase of the year take time out to check where you're at. We are you right now? How are you feeling? How are those intentions you set earlier in the year working out? Have your goals changed? Keeping a journal is such a great way of mapping your hearts desires along with your minds chatter – perhaps try and write a few thoughts or feelings down to see where your inner self is at.  

We are all about moving forward at SLC, as we are moving towards sunny times it is important to make sure we take what we've learnt in winter forward. Let go of anything that doesn’t serve you anymore and carry forward the positive knowledge, experiences and lessons. For some people winter might have been tough with its fair share of challenges or perhaps it was the season of nurturing blissfulness but it's behind us now. Just like the clocks, it's time to spring forward. 

As we are approach April, not only is it the perfect time for a spring clean but it's a great time to have a spiritual clear out. Why not combine the two?  

Whilst you're busy cleaning and decluttering the house, declutter the mind. Leave old thoughts and feelings that aren't for your highest good behind, dust off your mindset. Get clear on what you want out of Spring and move forward with a clearer head space. When you're clearing out the closets and removing the last remaining bits of Winters dust open the windows and let the fresh air flow. Have a sage stick to hand too and remove any stagnant energies that are lurking. Using sage in your home or work space will give your space a new lease of life, there's nothing better than walking into a room where the energies are positive and perfectly balanced.  

Bring the outside in as well. There are so many beautiful flowers around at the minute and all the greenery has such life, decorate your home with flowers and marvel at their beauty. Having a house decorated with lush Spring flowers is the perfect way to honor the seasonal change. 

Spring is wonderful for many reasons, there's so much new life, colour and freshness around. Remember to be grateful for what has been, stay present and revel in the loveliness of right now and all its newness and remain focused on the future. Spring is the time to start shining.