+ M A T E R I A L - G I R L - M Y S T I C A L - W O R L D + / by Amy Ward

At She's Lost Control we are absolutely in love with the magic our sister Ruby Warrington is creating. Founder of the online mystic platform The Numinous, journalist, now age spiritualist, co creator of The Moon Club and now author - pretty inspirational if you ask me. 

Ever wanted a guide, a helping hand through the maze that is being a modern mystic in today's world? Now you have one. Ruby has shared her personal journey towards enlightenment in the hope that it helps others. Being a hippie in a hipster world is tough, there are so many challenges. Can you relate to the "Real Life" vs "Soul Life" inner discussion that we so often feel? We are constantly battling our inner voice to become one with our authentic true self. Ruby reminds us that being spiritual doesn't mean we have to walk out on life as we know it, we can adapt and find our own way through the duality. 

In the book Ruby treats us to a light and humorous advice regarding love, sex, mindful dating and relationships. There's also help for anyone wishing to read tarot or wanting to have a physic closet clear out.

Sounds like a saviour doesn't it? We cannot wait to start reading! Grab yourselves a copy here

Words: Amy Ward