+ A N X I E T Y - D E T O X + / by Amy Ward

+ A N X I E T Y - D E T O X +

"We are delighted that Chloe Brotheridge will be joining us again this Tuesday to host her signature workshop; Anxiety Detox.
We got up close & personal with Chloe discussing her own experiences with anxiety, why she chose to specialise in this field and gained a little insight into what you guys can expect from the workshop.

When did you start suffering with anxiety? Would you mind sharing some of your early experiences of living with it with us?  

It started when I was 15 and I had my first panic attack. I suddenly couldn't breathe, my heart raced and thought I was dying! After that, I didn't feel the same, couldn't trust my body and felt very out of control. Over the following years I would constantly worry and get incredibly nervous about everyday stuff. 

How did you start tackling the situation?  

I finally got therapy after 10 years, which helped me to learn about myself and open up. I got very in to personal development, meditation and eating well. It was small changes that made a big difference. 

When did you start working with anxiety?  

I've been working as a hypnotherapist for the last 5 years and these days I only see clients with anxiety and connected things like self esteem and confidence issues. I know that my personal experiences mean I can relate to them so much more. 

Tell us a little bit about where your career started and about your experience? 

I started as a nutritionist working in the NHS. I'd used hypnotherapy MP3's to help with my confidence and became more and more interested in psychology. When I trained as a hypnotherapist I was amazed at how quickly hypnosis could help people; even those who had spent years in psychotherapy with little progress. Now, I love being able to help people with anxiety who are going through the same things as I went through. 

At SLC you'll be doing a group hypnosis - tell us a little about the benefits of it?  

Hypnosis is a method of allowing your subconscious mind to become more receptive to positive ideas. It's incredibly relaxing, and feels a bit like being in a daydream. Many people feel better straight away, like a weight has been lifted. It can help you to reprogramme old habits and thought patterns to feel more calm and positive. 

We really look forward to your workshops – we believe more should be done to help people with anxiety. What can people expect at the next SLC session?  

Practical tools to calm anxiety, a supportive caring atmosphere and you'll leave feeling lighter and happier!

You will also have the opportunity to buy Chloe's book The Anxiety Solution on the night and have it signed! 

You can download a free hypnotherapy MP3 by entering your details at www.calmer-you.com/free and my book is out now http://bit.ly/TheAnxietySolution

We can't wait for Tuesday, Chloe has an amazing gift and is planning to share it with those who would like it. Want to join us at the Anxiety Detox? Click here to buy your ticket.