+ B A C K - T O - C L A S S + / by Amy Ward

As we are transitioning into Spring, clearing out old and embracing new She's Lost Control are inviting you to get back to class. Why not welcome this season in by starting something new, something for yourself. We are encouraging you to take time out to learn something new, learn and nourish your soul. 

Join Florence Devereux for four weekly sessions to learn this ancient and mythical language. Using your personal charts’, group conversation and interactive games, this course will give you a deep understanding of your astrological chart and the skill to start interpreting others. The art of astrology is a special kind of magic that gives you a broad perspective of life, a deep knowledge of the self and a tool to see the beauty in every moment, even the toughest of times. Over the four weeks an overview of charts will be given along with an introduction to the signs, aspects, planets and houses. In week four the focus will be heavily on combining what has been learnt to interrupt charts. 

Through her own self healing journey Jo fell in love with Reiki and all the powers it held, so she decided to start teaching to share this beautiful healing modality. We are really grateful that she will be teaching reiki level 1 at SLC this April, the course will be a beautiful introduction to Reiki. You will not be able to treat paying clients (this come in level 2) but you can self heal and treat others and animals at home. We invite you to join Jo as she shares her beautiful reiki gift with you. 

New Age Hipster and She's Lost Control invite you to Tarot School. With games, meditative journeys, space for sharing and questions, totally non-judgemental vibes and a mega dose of fun, this course will have you slinging cards like a High Priestess in just 4 weeks. In just four weeks New Age Hipster will take you on a journey of connecting with your tarot guides, asigning meaning, explore spreads and then finally in week four you will be able to pull all the new knowledge together and give readings. 

Drawn to one of these courses? Click here for more information on how to enroll.