+ Y O G I - D R E A M S - A T - S L C + / by Amy Ward

What is it about yoga that has made it stand the test of time? It is so widely practised all over the world by so many people from so many diverse backgrounds. Some practise as part of religious devotion, some practise for health reasons, some because it's fun and some because it just feels good. For me personally, I practise because there is no where else on earth I get the feeling I get when I'm on my mat. My body is moving so freely, in time with my breath and at one with my soul. My mind is so clear, empty, free. For the one hour I'm on my mat I am submerged in my practise, thinking about absolutely nothing, moving as pure energy – at peace and in absolute bliss.  

At She's Lost Control we are going yoga mad this May and would love you to join us; 

First up on Sunday with have the amazing Pip Roberts with a Feel Good Yoga Flow class that will leave you vibrating high and set you up for the week ahead. 

Next up we have Lily Silverton and Aaron Horn hosting a stunning combination of Yin Yoga and live sound bath. Yin yoga is a really restorative practise that release physical and emotional stress, Aaron will cultivate a harmonic space to deepen relaxation and encourage surrender.  

We also have Lisa Hood offering us an afternoon of Yin Yoga whereby the focus will be on balance, detoxing the organs, nourishing the digestive system, releasing stress and tension from the body and clearing the energy channels through the chakra's. This class will leave you feeling nourished and in a clearer head space regards thoughts about the future.  

All of our classes are for yogi's of all abilities, the more the merrier, please were comfortable clothing and your best "yoga made me do it" smiles.


Words by Amy Ward

1st image credit Obonjan. Take me there. Enter SLC-OBO at the checkout for your special discount before 19th May.