+ M A T T E R S - O F - T H E - H E A R T + / by Amy Ward

Has this summer heat gone straight to your head and got you feeling crazy? Me too. Don’t worry though, its only natural, there's so much going on around us energetically, there's no wonder we're feeling the heat. Summer is a busy time, many of us are holidaying, socialising with friends and enjoying the weather – the time for retreating inside is over and it's time to draw our attention outward. We have some how made it to the half way point of 2017, HOW? I hear you scream. I don’t know, it seems just a few days ago I was sat here writing about cold weather and retreating from the frosty energy that winter brings with it. We are here now, so better stay present and make the most of the situation. It’s the perfect time to check up on where you're at. If you're anything like me, you started this year with a list of hopes, dreams and manifestations – how are they working out for you? Have they happened? Are you still working on making them happen? Have they changed slightly? Have you asked the universe to help? If you didn’t ask the universe for help at the start of the year, don’t panic! The energy is palpable at the moment meaning it is the perfect time to start manifesting, whatever you want no matter how big or small, it is achievable.  


Today is the summer solstice which for us earthling in the northern hemisphere means it’s the longest day of the year (time to utilise it's full potential!). Summer solstice signifies a high level of cosmic energy, it's intense and at it's fullest. This energy brings with it a wave innovation both mentally and emotionally, the solstice shines a light on the areas of our lives where changes need to be made, bringing a new way of thinking and an urge for transformation. I know sometimes change is scary but now really is the time, it's time to work on figuring out how to make your heart and soul sing. The solstice is providing us with a chance to rejoice, to be happy or get happy, to celebrate the beauty of life and bask in the opportunities given to us. The time is now.  


As well as the wonder of the summer solstice June's Super New Moon will be gracing us with her presence on Saturday (3.30am GMT). Although her energy won't be quite as intense as May's new moon, two super new moons in a row signifies amazing new beginnings. The new moon will give us claritity on emotional matters that have been effecting us for while. It will perhaps be the shift you need to finally let go of emotional ties and start new chapters. I want to encourage you to get out of your head and feel into your heart more over this period, sometimes we spend too much time analysising situations when living in the heart is a much nicer place to be. Stay open and let the love and good vibes flow, trust in the universe that everything is working out perfectly. Go easy on yourself and try take some time out to listen to your inner voice, as mentioned earlier now is a great time to take check of where you're at, maybe spend some time listening in on your heart. See what she's calling out for, nourish yourself and start making those dreams become reality.  


As if that’s not enough cosmic craziness, Neptune is in retrograde – hold tight! Neptune is the planet that rules our spirituality and consciousness, it is the planet of our dreams, illusions and mystical thoughts. Its going to be in retrograde for a while so I thought id give you a heads up on how to embrace any thoughts or feelings that might come up at this time. You will feel more sensitive throughout this period and perhaps you'll feel your intuition heighten, use this to your advantage and really start looking after yourself, do what's best for you. It might be tempting to stay in your head and over think things but I think we can all agree being in the heart is better. Whilst our planet of dreams is retrograding it will provide us with an opportunity to re –evaluate what is truly important to us and like I mentioned there's so much of an energetical push encouraging us to do what makes us happy at the moment, it really is hard to ignore. If you are lucky enough to know what your souls purpose is then reach for the stars and make it happen. If you don’t know yet, have fun finding it, experiment, try new things, learn, stay open to new opportunities and keep flowing. Amazing things are ahead for all for us.

Words & images by Amy Ward.