+ T H E - G I F T - O F - R I G H T - N O W + / by Amy Ward

All too often I get caught up, I let life lead the way. I let the world dictate my flow and I seem to ignore my heart and souls desires. Ever feel like there's never enough hours in the day? You want to live a different life but you're not sure how to? Daydreaming of things that your friends and family seem to obtain but the idea that they could be yours seem too good to be true. Society is built on consumerism, we live in the fast lane, we can be fickle and life is at times shallow. We are no longer encouraged to enjoy the little things in life or to love and cherish ourselves, our neighbours or our environment. I for one want this to change, I can't be alone can I? 

I want to remind you about all the incredible goodness that life itself has to offer. The present moment is full of magic and all you have to do it slow down, pause for a second, be open and soak it up. I know life is busy but there's a certain richness about tapping into the bliss of right now and I want to help you find it. We find it so difficult to detach and let go of things in life we are absorbed in that, life can literally pass us by. Life is made up of imperfections and perfections alike, light and dark, good and bad but accepting that balance and learning to embrace it will lead you to a much happy place. Sometimes life gets in the way and you lose sight of all your good fortunes no matter how big or small they are. In the hope that I can help you reset, centre, find peace and happiness in the present moment I've written some of my favourite go to methods for filling up and rejuvanating on the beauty that is the right now.  

  1. It's age old and has been spoken about by anyone and everyone that knows anything about manifestation, for me it the most important emotion I feel. Gratitude. It took ages to really understand what it means to actually feel gratitude, it's so much more than just saying thank you when someone passes you something. It is one of the highest emotional vibrations a human being can feel. I'm not saying that its easy, sometimes life feels like everything is against us but if you can find the strength to start counting your blessings slowly you'll start to reap the rewards. I love journaling my blessing – no matter how big or small and once I see the list it instantly puts a smile on my face and opens my heart to the wonder in my life. 

  2. Stop worrying. Just for this second. I know it's easy for me to say and that in reality, it's very difficult but I want to challenge you. Just for a split second, let go. Be free from worry for one second. Once you've mastered the art of being free for a second and you realise that the world is still exactly as you left it before you entered your worry free heaven, you can work on prolonging that second to two seconds, then five and then even to a minute. It feels so good. Our heads are so active, we fret so much - we deserve to be free once in a while.  

  3. Live for you. We're programmed into believing that selflove is selfish when in reality it is of upmost importance. Being able to give to the people around you, you need to be full. No one can give if they are empty. It's time to fill up on life and make yourself a priority. Live happy. Do things that make you full of joy; visit your favourite places, eat your favourite foods, watch your favoruite films, read books that you can lose yourself in, spend time with your favourite people, laugh and love. Take each moment as it comes and embrace it.  

  4. It's by far the hardest but for me acceptance is key to being able to enjoy the present. Things might not be perfect but the NOW is incredible. Just take a moment, pause. Look around and breath in the moment you've got. What can you see? Hear? Smell? How incredible that you have senses to enjoy life?! Who are you surrounded by? How often do you take the people in your life for granted? Humanity is an amazing thing, connect with your loved ones and strangers alike, cherish them, share and love more. Open your heart and fill up on lives energy.  

I can't stress this enough but there really is power in manifestation. Figure out what you truly desire in life, test out my tips for living in the present and watch the magic happen. Positive things happen to people that live abundantly, life is rich with so many gifts ready for you to tap into them. Live happy, be free, be present and enjoy.  

Images & Words by Amy Ward