+ P I S C E S - F U L L - M O O N + / by Amy Ward

Move like water, go with the flow. Welcome to the Pisces Full Moon.


And relax... in the early hours tomorrow morning we are going to be graced with the Pisces Full Moon and what a welcome change she is bringing with her. The last few months have carried a lot of fire, the Leo moon had a lot of intense energy so we are looking forward to the switch. 

Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac so you may feel like a few ties with people or situations in your life are drawing to a close, it is time to leave the emotions attached to these situations behind and move forward. This moon is known as the Harvest Moon and when considering its timing, it is easy to see why. We are facing a change in season and instead of planting or creating new ideas, it is time to enjoy the fruition of projects you instilled energy into earlier in the year. Those projects should be ready and ripe by now – relish them! 

Pisces is a water sign so you may notice a contrast in energy, rather than the fiery energy of Leo that is action oriented and very forward, you may start to feel a softer more tranquil vibe. Pisces are highly emotional and super intuitive so this full moon is a great time to listen to yourself and follow your own intuition about circumstances. Get creative, be playful and have fun. Now is a great time to adopt the Piscean way and create for the love of creating, be free and use your time as a type of meditation. 

There is a real sense of dreamy romance in the air, Pisces are forever trying to find the fairytale and at She's Lost Control we want to encourage you to harness this energy to ensure the end of 2017 is as magical as possible. You may notice that you are in your head a lot at the moment, Pisces is a notorious sign for this. Constantly playing or replaying situations over in your head, pondering new projects, having crazy dreams and whiling hours away daydreaming. All too often we are told to dismiss inner chat but over this full moon period why not try and use it to your advantage?! Try keeping a journal of thoughts, feelings and ideas. Your dreams over this period might have important insight for you and journaling them may help you figure out how you can turn dreams into reality. 


In short this full moon is your chance to leave behind anything that you no longer need and move into a more peaceful place. Listen to your intuition, follow your dreams and get creative.

Words by Amy Ward