WISHCRAFT - SHAUNA CUMMINS / by cheryl stephenson


Usually found making magic at the Maha Rose in NYC, we could not be more excited to welcome back Shauna Cummins this February. Shauna, AKA The Wishcraft, AKA our hypnosis guru and manifesting queen, will be hosting a very special series of mesmerising events, hypnosis trainings and one to one sessions.
We checked in with our bewitching beauty to find out more about what to expect whilst she's here as well as as how everyone can use hypnosis as a tool for personal transformation. 

1. Let’s start from the top! How did you first discover hypnosis?

I first discovered hypnosis as a healing modality second hand when my sister was in high school, when my sister went to a hypnotist to overcome a difficult personal issue she was going through and I remember it only took one session for her to find resolution with it.  It was sort of amazing!  It stuck in my head as mysterious and potentially powerful experience from that point on, although admittedly I did not quite know what it was, was scared of it on some level and sort of believed that it was like the movies where someone could make you cluck like a chicken or rob a bank. I later fought out a hypnotist while on a healing journey recovering from burnout after years of working in fashion and publishing a magazine. It helped me heal issues with body dysmorphia and gave me a whole new perspective on healing level, it’s not an overstatement to say it changed my life. 

 2. There’s understandably a lot of mystery surrounding hypnosis, can you break down a few of these barriers for us and explain how it can be used as an everyday tool for change and transformation?

Absolutely,  as I mentioned I had some of those same misconceptions myself.  In fact the first time I went for my own session,  I was sure I was going to find out some horrible repressed memory and I would never be the same.  Which of course is not how it works at all. That was more a result of years of catholic guilt than anything else. Hypnosis refers to a relaxed yet focused state of awareness, a sort of light trance state where the conscious mind is relaxed and subconscious mind is more receptive. Trance states are naturally occurring and happen often, multiple times a day.  Watching a movie, driving on the highway, in an Instagram rabbit hole.  In that state everyone is naturally more suggestible and its an ideal time to influence yourself positively.  In fact advertising, political speeches, general media takes advantage of this state to influence us,  why wouldn't we use it for our own benefit?  We now know a lot more about the brain than ever before and thanks to neuroplasticity (the understanding that the brain can change and can create new neural networks and patterns with practice) it's now proven that we are capable of changing our though patterns and behaviours more than we ever thought possible.  We can essentially use our brain like a muscle  exercising and creating new neural networks and associations.  Changing out thoughts and changing the way we experience the world. 

3. Is there any reason we should be fearful of hypnosis as a practice?

 All hypnosis is self hypnosis,  at least that's what hypnotists say.  Truthfully it's an empowering tool to increase self awareness and learn how to better collaborate with your mind,  I think self-hypnosis should be taught in primary schools.  This way we are better equipped to make decisions in the world and not be so easily mass hypnotized by technology and advertising among other things.  However,  when working with a practitioner one-on-one its important that you feel a safe connection just as you would with any other healing or therapeutic modality. 

 4. Not only have you received board certification through the National Guild of Hypnotists, but you’re the founder of The Wishcraft: Self Hypnosis for Manifestation Method and The founder and director of The Divine Feminine School of Hypnosis Certification Program. Please tell us more!

 Sure!  Yes, thanks for asking.  The Divinine Feminine School of Hypnosis is a school of thought and a hypnosis certification training program that I launched this fall.  It reclaims the history of Hypnosis through the philosophy of the divine feminine and as the 'medicine of the imagination' an inherently non-linear way of using your own imagination to facilitate healing on an unconscious level working in a collaborative and empathic manner with yourself. Sourcing the earliest representation of Hypnosis in the sleeping temples of ancient Egypt and updating it with proven studies from modern neuroscience that support the wide range of therapeutic benefits.   

The one day training will be an intro to the 200 hr training that I'll be offering in NYC in March- May and hopefully in London this summer/ fall.

If you're a healer or helper, interested in hypnosis, the divine feminine healing and possibly becoming a hypnotist this is a great deep dive intro.  

 Wishcraft is my way of teaching self-hypnosis for manifestation, Inspired by loving kindness meditation practices and the ancient Germanic and Celtic traditions of wishing well. If you are feeling ready to make a change or need helping unblocking negative energy this is a big love boost into helping your mind work with your wishes to come true! 

5. Whilst you’re here you’ll be offering 3 x types of 121 sessions. Can you tell us a bit more about each one to help us choose!

Wishcraft session is great if you've never experienced hypnosis and if you need some motivation or insight on the next steps of your life. This session works with intuition building exercises, self-hypnosis and trance to help bring your wishes into alignment with your energy into action.

Hypnosis can be applied to a specific issue that you’d like help shifting and a way to gain deeper awareness. It can also be used to have a general shift in confidence and self worth.  

Past life Regression is best when you have deep intuitive calling to connect to ancestors or past lives in order to help move forward in this life.  Disclaimer: it's almost never what you expect!  But most often very helpful and I do recommend having experience with hypnosis first. 

6. Can you tell us a bit more about how we might expect to feel after a 121 session with you?

  It's sort of like a mind massage, a bit tranced out and relaxed,  I recommend journaling taking a bath and sleeping after the session. 

7. Do you have a hypnotist heroine?

 Absolutely, my teacher Melissa Tiers.  She's the Queen of neuroplasticity and hypnosis,  In Fact she wrote a great book on it "Keeping the Brain in Mind" and has been an incredible mentor to me, teaching the power of intention in healing and the importance of being true to yourself. 

 8. Do you have a daily ritual you can share with us? 

I have a little holy water shrine to Mother Mary by my door and I thank a whole bunch if things and I make 3 wishes before I leave my house.  Puts me in a fine frame of mind :) 

 9. Can you let us in to a secret? Tell us something we don’t know about hypnosis!

Hmm... it was used to control and subjugate 'hysterical' women under the guise of medical research during the late 1800's. All the more important to reclaim its divine feminine healing roots!