ECLIPSE SEASON / by cheryl stephenson

What does our resident Astrologer, Francesca oddie have to say about the upcoming Eclipse season? ….

”There are between four and six eclipses every year and the next few weeks bring us three of these power points! The definition of eclipse is, to dim or conceal; to render invisible by an elimination of light.  This solar eclipse will take place at 01.29 GMT and is at 15 degrees of Capricorn, the moon will be partially blocking out the light of the sun and both these ‘planets’ will be sandwiched between Saturn and Pluto.  

What does this mean for us?”


“In short, an eclipse is a reset.  When my old computer had been overloaded with photographs, several Facebook tabs and various unfinished essays, I used to just remove the battery and reload my laptop later on.  Removing the energy source enabled the computer to refresh and work more efficiently… until one day it refused to turn on again.  This is a metaphor for when an eclipse temporarily removes the solar energy in your natal chart; it will refresh what can be boosted but is also linked to endings and finality.  An eclipse is an opportunity to clarify an area of your life.

This eclipse is at the south node and is linked with releasing old habits but also, a new moon is a super potent time to manifest desires and plant seeds of intention.   A new moon in Capricorn means we can focus on manifesting structures, plans and goals, though we need to release the need to focus only on work and be a busy fool. Dreaming of creating a work-life balance that celebrates both ambition and holidays where you don’t check your emails at all for seven days is one idea for your list! There is a time and place for everything, trust in the seasons of your life.

I hope you take this mega opportunity to focus on your goals and if you want to learn more about how your chart is structured then stay tuned… we have some exciting workshop news coming up soon!”

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Astrology readings are here to help us work with natural cycles, understand ourselves and illuminate.

With only a few details, Francesca can prepare your charts in advance and is ready to talk everything through with you for 30 minutes via Zoom call.  

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About Francesca

I’m a passionate (obsessive) astrologer and I think that astrology is a fascinating science. My quest is to present the subject simply and to enable people to comprehend the scientific roots of astrology. My name is Francesca and some people say that I’m frank.

Thank you so much everyone who has already shared their stories with me, every chart still astounds me with its discreet revelations.