SACRED SELF CARE / by Jill Urwin


In a time where the calling has never been stronger to protect Mother Nature and to speak for those who cannot always be heard, it is also a time where we also need to bring back the art of sacred self care. It goes without saying….how can you do your best work for the planet and for others if you don’t take the time to look after yourself, listen inward and celebrate every cell in your own body! To celebrate the launch of her new book, we caught up with our dear friend, Shamanic energy practitioner and womb healer Chloe Isidora to find out how she works sacred rituals into her daily life.

What does 'Sacred Self Care' mean to you? 

Sacred self-care means to me, taking the most exquisite care of myself as possible being my own best friend, tenderly caring for my body, my mind, my emotional well-being and my connection to spirit. I created this book to share how rituals and ceremonies can bring you into your heart space, anchor self-love and to practice living from a place of self compassion.

Many people would say they don’t have time for daily ‘Sacred Self Care’ - can you explain why everyone should and can make time for it? 

This is one of my favourite things when people say "they don’t have time”, the joy of what I have shared in my book and my Sacred self-care practises is that you can actually turn everyday mundane tasks into a magic moments, it just requires a shift of perspective and setting an intention, it is a small but radical shift. For example, we drink water and eat food every day, the simple act of blessing your water and meal can bring reverence and transforms the everyday activity into a sacred moment and the great news is that it you are doing it anyway so you do have time! 

Rituals and ceremonies come up a lot when talking about self care - how would you explain the difference between a ritual and a ceremony? 

A ritual tends to be something that is repetitive. If you take a habitual action like brushing your teeth, you can turn that into a ritual with your intention and coming from a place of the heart. One of my favourite daily rituals is a shower cleansing and blessing for my day ahead.

A ceremony tends to be more of an event, this one you will want to dedicate additional time to, they often involving other people. For example a full moon ceremony, winter / summer solstice its often around an auspicious date. The beauty is that they work perfectly in harmony together and separately! 

What is the importance of creating a Sacred Space? 

Often the outside world can be busy and chaotic place, when we create a sacred space we are opening a tranquil environment where the busyness can drop away and we have an opportunity to connect to spirit, receive guidance and attune to our hearts. Its pure magic! 


Can you give us a sneak peak into your book and let us in on one of your favourite self care rituals?

I’ll share my daily shower ritual! Its definitely a favourite and super simple to put into practice…. 

Showering in Golden Light Energy hygiene is a big one for me. We often spend our days in busy environments, picking up on other people’s energy, thoughts and feelings. This can often shape how we feel and, in the worst-case scenario, create heaviness and sadness. This energy is invisible to the eye, but can still have a profound effect on our day-to-day wellbeing. It can also be dealt with very quickly. This shower ritual is something I do every morning or evening without even having to think about it. The purpose is to cleanse and clear your energy body from any dense, heavy energies you have picked up and to fill you with rejuvenating, restorative light.

Begin by getting into the shower and turning on the water. Close your eyes, invite your body to soften and take three long, deep breaths. Consciously choose to connect to the energy of the water. Notice how your body reacts. In your own way, give thanks to the water, acknowledging that she is sacred, always taking the path of least resistance, that she washes, cleanses and purifies, that “water is life”. Offer an internal prayer along the lines of: “Dear Sacred Waters, thank you for cleansing, clearing and purifying me from any energies that are not aligned to my highest good, so I may start my day fresh and clear.”

Experience any heaviness falling away from your body and being washed down the plughole. Once you feel a sense of emptiness and letting go, visualize golden

liquid light washing your whole body and filling up every cell of your being. Offer a prayer:

“Thank you for filling me with golden liquid light.”

Repeat front and back.

As you leave the shower, imagine a golden orb of light surrounding you.