+ R E A D Y - F O R - 2 0 1 7 + by Amy Ward


You made it. 2016 was a little challenging at times wasn't it but you made it through all the pressure, stress and emotional upheaval. This is the time for transformation and growth as we learn from the teachings offered to us by 2016 and look to the future. January can be a difficult month as winter really takes hold, let's use this to our advantage, this season is the perfect time to retreat and self love. The craziness of December is behind us now and it is time to get settled into the new year.


We are here to shine the light as you make your way through a January that is going to kick start your year in the perfect way. With a few little tweaks to your mindset January can be a great ally to you, time to rejuvenate and set yourself up for a wonderful 2017 full of love, light & abundance. 

January has already been a bit of an emotional world wind hasn't it, from a sky gazers point of view astrology has a lot to ask for. Mercury was in retrograde leaving our communication and thought processes a little tangled up, it wasn't you - it was the retrograde. Venus entered Pisces in the zodiac heightening our emotions and giving us an injection of love & romance, then last night a stunning Cancerian Full Moon graced our skies bringing any emotions we had been suppressing to the surface. 

As one year finishes a new one begins – REFLECT. Take time out to think about the past year, what went well? What didn’t go so well? Give thanks for all the lessons of the past year and learn from them. When you think about 2017, SET CLEAR GOALS. The universe can only provide if you are clear about the things you are asking for. Write goals down in a journal, stay inspired to make them a reality and check back in the journal every now and again to remind yourself and give your life direction. Make 2017 the year you chase your dreams.



Let this be your January motto. Be brave, let go of anything that no longer serves you. Trust in the fact that the space you have created will be filled with new special & prosperous opportunities, you need to make room for them to enter your life. 


It's an age old trick but my goodness does it work. Reminding yourself of all the tiny wonders in your day to day life will have you feeling great, super grateful and reconnected to that good energy flow. For ten minutes every day count your blessings, list all the wonderful things you are grateful for, no matter how big or small count them all. Once you reflect back on your list, you are guaranteed to smile.  

Give yourself a LIFE MAKEOVER. It sounds silly doesn’t it but try it. Try something you've never tried before, start a new hobby, volunteer, surround yourself with your favourite people, lose yourself in books. "New year, new me" January is the perfect opportunity to transform, to learn, to grow. Change is such a beautiful thing, surrender to it. 

After all the chaos of December, it is important to STILL YOUR MIND, not only will this help you get over the madness of last year but a calm, quiet mind will help as we embrace the new year. Make sure you grab quiet time as often as possible, have some YOU TIME. Remember to meditate where possible, it might seem scary at first but it will leave you feeling more at peace -blissful. 

Once you’ve calmed your mind, LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. What does it need? What's it calling out for? In Winter it's really important that we retract and rejuvenate our energy. Heal yourself in whatever way you need, feed your soul; nourish yourself with super healthy, warming food. Keep your body moving, try a gentle movement practice such as yoga or Qoya. Perhaps come and join us at one of our many detoxifying, self love events throughout January.   

January is providing us with a fresh start, it is the best time to cleanse, release, rejuvenate and set intentions. Relish the opportunity to renew.

Words & Images - Amy Ward.