+ S L C - I N T E R N S H I P + by cheryl eltringham

Do you want to be part of the exciting brand collective of She’s Lost Control, Jill Urwin Jewellery and Velvet Johnstone?  

The past year has seen She’s Lost Control grow rapidly with a new studio, shop and events space, and we’re looking for an enthusiastic and passionate PR, Marketing and Events Intern to join our journey and help us drive the businesses forward.

With previous collaborations and write ups from Urban Outfitters, Hunger Mag, Susie Style Bubble, The Numinous, Spellbound Sky and various well known celebrity placements, this is an exciting time to join us. We’ve grown organically so far, mainly driven by our unique profiles, but now we’re ready to take it to the next level, and we’d like your help!

This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to develop their career in PR, events and marketing. The position is unpaid but we will cover travel expenses and re-asses the role in 3 months with the potential of it becoming a permanent paid position. The role is for a 3 month placement, we are open to negotiation with hours, but candidate must be available to work for a minimum of 3 days a week and able to travel to our base in East London. 

The ideal candidate will have:

-        Marketing, PR and Events experience/training, including Social Media,
-        A keen interest and knowledge of both fashion and lifestyle industries
-        Excellent organisations skills, enthusiasm and drive

Roles will include:

-        Assisting with events co-ordination, planning and promoting
-        Media outreach and press release writing
-        Assisting with blog content and social media management
-        Assisting with website adjustments and product/event listings
-        General office admin duties

Please submit applications to Cheryl & Jill

+ T R A N S M I S S I O N + by cheryl eltringham

She's Lost Control Presents. The New Moon Sessions. 

We are beyond thrilled to introduce the first in the series of TRANSMISSION.
A monthly event hosted by She's Lost Control at our new SLC HQ the first Sunday of each New Moon.
Collaborating with Modern Mystics from around the world, our intention is to bring people together, inspire and create.

She's Lost Control Presents Lucy Sherwood.
New Moon Meditation. Manifesting Miracles.

Sunday 13th December.

Manifesting Miracles is a workshop to enable you to expand your aura, raise your vibration and manifest miracles. The workshop will be lead by Lucy Sherwood, dedicated lightworker and transformational meditation leader.

The New Moon is a sacred time for manifestation. It isa golden time to turn desires into reality.

This workshop will enable profound shifts, supporting you in aligning with your most authentic power and creating the life that is intended for you.

What you can expect:

-Grounding meditation
-Meditation to bust through your fears and limitations
-Deep 'expansion' meditation to uncover your inner wisdom and the callings of your soul
-Meditation to raise your vibration and expand your auric field
-Powerful manifestation meditation
-Quantum shifting meditation
-Yoga nidra-for subconscious manifesting
-Deep relaxation

Expect big shifts, miracles and abundance

Bring your crystals to absorb our wonderful vibes and your journals to jot down moments of inspiration

About the host

Lucy is an experienced yogi, with a deep knowledge of the life changing power of spiritual practice. Lucy believes that each of us is here to serve a purpose, to be our brightest, most 'lit up' authentic self.

Lucyempowers people to do this by giving them spiritual tools for expansion that they can use in their every day lives.

Lucy is the founder of Rock & Raw, creating fine jewellery for rock chick yogis and spiritual warriors.

+ THE DAY WE INTERVIEWED TOM HARDLESS OF iamVibes + by cheryl eltringham




In the lead up to our mega New Moon New Product launch we were beyond excited to delve into the magical world of Tom Hardless - spiritual sage and creator of cult yoga label iamVibes. Read on, be inspired, and share the love….



+ What did you dream about last night? +

 I always have multiple dreams and travel far as well as bring back messages for myself to continue the growth of my vessel! 

 The first dream a flock of ravens came to me symbolising a message. Ill let you know when it comes into being

 The Second dream I was in my brother’s old room which was opening into a typical British forest in daytime. I could see Foxes and strange money men surrounding me from a far. I called for my brother as I thought they where dangerous but he opened the door and told me they are friendly. As soon as I let my guard down they all came closer and were pleasant animals who needed some help and advise. 


 + What’s the story behind iamVibes? +

 iamVibes began during a meditation about 5 years ago. I was channeling an image of the Hamsa, at the time not knowing what it was, along with an alignment of sacred geometry. This was then followed by the word “HAMSA” being channeled into my mind. After some research and digging around the internet I realised what it was, and its power. From here I felt I had to do something creative with the symbol and spread its message of protection. At the time I was working below a t-shirt printing store so ideas starting flying and I thought it would be a great chance to create clothing which inspires people to be protected; mentally, spiritually and physically as well spreading their light to others.

At the core of iamVibes is a story of two wonderful female beings that came into my life over 2/3 years. Both of these wonderful souls had gone through very intense abusive traumas as young women and were striving to gain more light in their lives and break the negative patterns that existed within them. When we met and these truths came out I started to understand the positive energy I hold from my balanced upbringing, and how I could help and inspire these two souls to heal themselves.

 This was when I learnt of how powerful the merging of male and female energies can be once you tune into them within yourself and how we all need that balance.

 During these magical periods I really started to understand the female pain body as a whole which sits on society still. This experience really started to align with my vision of the iamVibes Hamsa and how all souls need protection. It just so happens that the Hamsa is a symbol widely known to protect and enhance the female energy. Coincidence?… no. Magic?… yes!





+ What advice would you give your younger self? + 

 If I had an interstellar journey and could reach through space and time I believe I would say these words...

 Dearest higher self, keep dreaming, bringing back your visions, creating and sharing your heart and mind. You have a wonderful journey a ahead, you will experience  love,  adventure, solitude, music and magic. You will also learn of the darkest energies as the waves get rough but your light will always prevail. Continue to live life with a smile and be strong, you will shine brightly and inspire others to smile no matter how cloudy the day. Keep climbing back to our home, the view is rather wonderful from up here. 


+ What can you not get through a day without doing ?  +

 I am not one to need much apart from the obvious healthy food and sleep BUT the things which keep me aligned and balanced day to day are Classical Music, Meditation and Yoga. The combination of these three "things" have really changed the speed my mind works and brought me to a slightly more peaceful place. Great tools to keep tapped in. 


+ What was the last record you played? +

 Hmmm If you mean vinyl, it was probably THE ORB feat David Gilmour " Metallic Spheres " 


+ Who's your idol? +

 My Idol would be every human pushing their own boundaries and shifting their own paradigm's to better themselves and bring light into the world. Anyone who is attempting to reach beyond and find their heart should be acknowledged for their efforts. 



+ Take us back to you you in 1995... + 

 I would have been 6 years old running around, dancing , probably trying to play football with my older brother. 


+ If you could be someone else for the day who would it be? +

 If I could be anyone else for the day, I would be myself in 15 years time. I would love to see how I felt, where I was , who I was with, how I have grown and what I had created.


+ What's your message to the universe? +

 I am you and what I see is me! Thank you for this vessel and opportunity to explore human emotion and creativity. I look forward to every journey to come in this life and the next! See you in my dreams later






+ T H I S - C H R I S T M A S + by Jill Urwin

If you are still trying to find the perfect gift for your loved ones or haven't started your Christmas shopping yet, She's Lost Control have a selection of beautiful gifts available from local shops and markets in the lead up to Christmas, along with Jill Urwin's new crystal collection which will be available online and at the Red Gallery.

Red Gallery

Join us at the Red Gallery Friday 19th & Saturday 20th December for Shoreditch Christmas Market, we will have a selection of all of our SLC goodies, Candles, Terrariums, Baubles and Gift Cards including, Jill Urwin's brand new crystal collection, Hemsley & Hemsley cookbook and the new edition of Ballad Of magazine.

Shoreditch Christmas Market Event Invite

1-3 Rivington Street, London, EC2A 3DT - Open 12pm-5pm



Come and find our shop on a shelf at Hatch, located in Homerton, here you will be able to find our Terrariums, SLC candles and Ancient pots of gold. Perfect for those finishing touches and home gift ideas and you can enjoy a Hatch cup of coffee whilst browsing!

8 Mackintosh Lane, London, E9 6AB



Brand new super cool record shop located in Victoria Park, specialising in music-related goods, cool merchandise and quirky gifts, She's Lost Control is also available from Pictogramme. Stocked with Diamond Lights collection, Terrariums, SLC Candles, Baubles and logo tee's.

110a Lauriston Road, London, E9 7HA


You will still be able to purchase from the SLC online store for Christmas delivery up until 21st December. 



JILL URWIN by cheryl stephenson

Every free-spirited style-goddess out there wants to get their hands on a Jill Urwin crystal necklace, and She’s Lost Control are excited to be stocking her latest collection of jewels. 

All of Jill’s pieces are beautifully handmade from her East London workshop after picking crystals from her worldly travels. Jill draws inspiration from the natural and spiritual world, particularly from her fascination with crystals and their distinct symmetry and meanings.

26554 SMALL.jpeg

Making jewellery with special meanings is an intrinsic part of my design, it adds beauty and sentiment to my work, and gives the wearer a sense of belief and self-expression… that makes it feel even more precious, particularly if it’s one of my bespoke crystal necklaces’.


Jill’s latest venture aside from jewellery is her collection of crystal terrariums, which we’ll be stocking at She’s Lost Control. Just like her jewellery, each terrarium is unique with its own special crystal displayed inside, spreading love and holistic vibes to your home. Jill Urwin Terrariums look fresh and modern with their neon touches and modern sculptural designs. They’re a great edition to any home!


Also look out for Jill Urwin’s Love Pot Pendants, nail rings, knuckle rings and her special collaboration with She’s Lost Control – the Spinning Charm. 


All available at She’s Lost Control, The Hackney Shop, 99 Morning Lane, Homerton E9, from 7th August