Wednesday 8th May

7.00PM - 9.00PM

She’s Lost Control (map)

Welcome to the Temple of the Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet. Want to know yourself as fire and creator? Please enter. Want to know yourself as Warrior Queen? Please enter. Want to celebrate yourself as witchy cat lover? Please enter. Finding it difficult to forgive something, or someone? (Definitely) please enter.

The High Priestess Sekhmet, daughter of Ra, was worshipped in Ancient Egypt as the Goddess of Healing - yet also the Goddess of fire, rage and ferocity. Depicted as a lioness, and sharing some qualities with the Hindu Goddess Kali, her breath was said to have created the desert.

The patriarchy says that anger is the only emotion that men are allowed to display - and the only emotion that women are not. Anger is also the emotion that the spiritual ego sometimes tries to cover up with love and light. The result?

Stuck energy in our bodies that desperately needs to be seen, honoured and held in compassion. And often lots of sadness and sorrow that sits underneath this anger that we simply can’t get to and heal.

Working with Women Who Run With the Wolves - a book where author Clarissa Pinkola Estés teaches us of Devout Rage - this ritual-led storytelling and Crystal Breathwork circle will explore a powerful aspect of the Divine Feminine that is often absent from the contemporary conversation around what it means to be fully embodied Goddess. Here, you will be given tools and guidance for greater authenticity - and the permission to step into yourself as the flame itself.

Via the somatic practice of Breathwork, this Sekhmet Goddess Circle will give us permission to simply feel our feelings. No need to go over old stories here. Just breathe - and let the body do the rest!

Everyone who is part of the circle will receive a Sekhmet aligned crystal to take home with them. This circle is open to everyone who identifies as female or feminine.

Psst…haven’t tried Breathwork before?

Here are some testimonials from Lucy North’s recent Breathwork circles…

“Breathwork with Lucy was an incredible experience. She held space in the room for each of us and we each felt comfortable and supported to take part fully. I had never tried Breathwork before now, so I didn’t know what to expect. It was unforgettable and I will definitely be coming back. Thank you.”

- Isobel Furniss, London

“The Breathwork session I had with Lucy was beyond words. I am still feeling the positive effects and cathartic release after having session with her a few weeks ago.”

- Marie Vivaldi, New York

“I had absolutely no idea what I was walking into when I signed up for a Breathwork session. What I experienced was beyond profound, beyond anything I could have ever imagined. I honestly feel reborn and refreshed. Thank you, Lucy. I cannot even begin to express the immense gratitude and appreciation I have towards you for sharing this experience.”

- Janine Rafio, New York

“Lucy guides you effortlessly through the Breathwork technique and is a constant reassuring presence throughout. Her practice incorporates a feast for the senses, she uses delicious essential oils and herbs and her playlist is awesome! Lucy’s Breathwork practice left me feeling deeply in touch with myself, grounded and amazingly free.”

- Rebecca East, London


Lucy North is a Breathwork Healer, as trained by David Elliott and Erin Telford, and she is also a certified Reiki healer. Having recently been featured on W Magazine’s video for International Women’s Day, she currently runs Goddess / Wild Woman storytelling circles in London and New York.

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