GOLD DIGGER WITH WOLF SISTER. Thursday, 7th Nov 7-9pm


GOLD DIGGER WITH WOLF SISTER. Thursday, 7th Nov 7-9pm


Thursday 7th November

42 Valentine Rd
E9 7AD

Living a champagne lifestyle on a lemonade budget.

Shopping sprees that you can't afford.

A draw full of unopened bank statements.

Bill, bills, bills.

Just when you thought that you'd cleared your overdraft, you're caught out with a speeding fine.

You want to go freelance but your bank balance says no.

You want to sign up to a life changing course but your bank balance says no.

You want to move house but your bank balance says no.

Counting down the days until payday.

Bored of being broke.

If only you could win the lottery...

But the odds are slim to none.

You don't need a sugar daddy.

It's time to start making it rain for yourself.

Bust your money blocks.

Get out of debt.

And start making your dreams reality.

Join Tamara Driessen aka Wolf Sister for a money manifestation workshop where you'll be guided through a series of practices to help you uncover your money blocks to increase your self-worth and magnetism.


You arrive at She's Lost Control; you almost walked passed it because it's tucked away from the hustle of Hackney. As soon as you walk through the door; the heady smell of incense alerts your senses that you're in the right place. You take a deep breath and feel your shoulders begin to release the tension that you've been carrying all day.

Tamara welcomes you and you're shown where to put your belongings. Without hesitation your phone's set to flight-mode and it's buried in your bag. This is your time; you don't want to be disturbed. You get out your pen and notebook because you don't to forget any useful information. The room is set in a circle with comfy cushions and blankets; you're already thinking of how you can bring some of these mystical vibes into your home. Once you're seated and the rest of the group has arrived, Tamara introduces herself and talks about how you can improve your relationship with money; it isn't just about having cash in your purse. You're here to align with experiences that make you feel abundant and supported.

Wow, your intuition was on point when it nudged you to sign up for this.

Over the course of the evening there are practices that give you an opportunity to get clear on how you've been holding yourself back. You're surprised at the clarity of what's coming through for you. The pieces of the puzzle are coming together. After that, Tamara invites you to choose a piece of pyrite, a mineral that's said to enhance your manifestation powers. There's a piece that's already caught your eye. Hunkering down for the crystal healing journey, you're excited about what's going to happen next. After the journey, you spend some time journalling about the insights that have been flowing throughout the session. You want to hold onto this sense of clarity for as long as possible.

As the words flow through pen to paper, some truth bombs are affirmed and you've got some clear clues about how you can move forward. You're feeling confident and it's as if you and your piece of pyrite have become BFF's; you don't want to put it down.

There's magic in the air. You can feel it.

By 9pm, you can't believe that the night's gone so quickly. You'd forgotten that it was possible to feel this focused and grounded.

Are you in?

No previous meditation/spiritual/mystical/crystal experience necessary. If this event is calling your name; we'd love to have you with us.

You'll receive a piece of Pyrite to connect with during the workshop and take away with you to keep abundance flowing your way.

Please arrive from 6.45 PM so that you have time to get a cup of tea and get comfortable. The session will begin at 7 PM; doors will be closed promptly so that we can make the most of our time together.

This session is open to all genders.

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