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T H E - C H O S E N - C R Y S T A L S

Crystals are tools to help us balance our emotions and heal blockages so energy can flow freely. We are all energy, and crystals are amazing conductors and stabilisers of energy, so when our energy field is in contact with them they can help to heal us. They help to amplify our intentions and can be considered as aids for meditation, talismans, and connectors between us and other energetic realms. These are the stones I thought might help your friend in this incredibly difficult time. 

P I  N K – K U N Z I T E  - £42

Your friend’s heart is broken, so this stone can encourage the energy of love into her life, this is love on all energetic levels... from her friends, family, loved ones, her children, and love from and to herself. Caring for herself through this shock and trauma is so important, her heart will need healing. This stone’s vibration helps to release negative feelings, heal emotional problems such as anxiety and stress and relieve panic and fear. It’s Also known to be a celestial doorway and a symbol of infinity so it can help loved ones to move over to enlightenment both in life and death. The piece I’ve selected is a small jewellery grade piece so that if one day in the future she wishes, she could have it made into a necklace to where close to her heart. I’m actually a jeweller of fine jewellery so if she ever wished, I could make something bespoke for her… there’ll also be many Danish jewellers who could do the same for her.  

B L U E – K Y A N I T E - £4

This is a more active stone that can help to stimulate psychic abilities and intuition. It helps you connect to your spirit guides which instils compassion. We get messages from our guides all the time... the little voice in the back of our head, the feather falling in our path, the things in life we call coincidences. When we’re tuned in to a higher vibration we are more open to receiving these messages, we notice subtle signs that maybe we’d miss normally. Keeping kyanite close can help with this as well as helping us to cut through fears and trauma. I’ve picked two really small pocket sized pieces so she can always keep them with her.

L E M U R I A N – S E E D – C R Y S T A L S  - £20 x 4

These are very special stones, my personal favourites. They can help to keep us feel connected to loved ones through the stars. In the past, I’ve placed the stones with loved ones when they pass so I can forever feel connected. They’re high vibrational cosmic stones that connect us to the infinite energy of the universe that we can’t see, but we can feel it. They’re really protective and can help us to clear our head, bringing calm and inner peace. I’ve selected 4 pieces for your friend, one for each of her children, and one for her to keep to feel forever connected. I’ve also given you some palo santo to burn – before giving the crystals to each child, gently cleanse them with the smoke from the lit palo santo, and send a message with each stone.           

B L A C K - T O U R M A L I N E - £6 + £40

This is the ultimate protective stone. It acts like a sponge soaking up fear and negative emotions. It’s a really good stone to help us through the dark shadows of depression, and protects us from picking up bad energies from elsewhere. It’s good for worrying, anxiety and fear of the unknown. I’ve given you 2 pieces… one is pure black tourmaline which is a good size to carry around at all times, forever keeping her protected. The other is clear quartz with tourmaline inside which is could to keep in the bedroom to help keep nightmares at bay. 



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