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The Moonchild Tarot is a new tool of meditation that has been carefully crafted to align with your light. To help you shine, play, or dive deep within the waters of your heart, in seeking out new worlds of magic and medicine.  

While the Starchild Tarot is Superconscious, galactic and otherworldly, the Moonchild Tarot is Subconscious and grounding, acting as a new conduit of soulful introspection, shifting into realms of shadow work, the Divine Feminine, and the transmutational power of the Moon and triple Goddess.


Each deck includes:

  • A fully comprehensive Guidebook, written by Danielle Noel, contained within its box

  • 78 card deck with 2 bonus cards

  • 400 GSM, satin-matte finish - card stock

  • Shimmering card backs

  • A two-piece box, printed with a satin, matte finish


This unique design was inspired by ancient chests and hand-built boxes that contain sacred relics and items of magic. It has also been created with embossed details - to the touch, its surface feels carved and grooved, with delicate latticed patterns traced along its edges.


+ A note from Danielle + 

I am SO beyond thrilled to finally offer this deck, and appreciate each and every one of you who has supported this project since its inception many years ago. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. 

Much love,



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