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Roxy Bryant Healing .jpg



Saturday 22nd Dec

42 Valentine Rd
E9 7AD

The healing energy of the final full moon of the year, as it arrives home in cancer, is the perfect invitation for us to do the same.

Join Roxy as she guides a Sattva Yoga journey, through authentic tantric practices, rarely found in the west today. In this unique opportunity, expect to delve deep, drop within, move, chant and awaken the dormant, yet potent life force within you, whilst being fully supported by the transformative energy of the full moon.

You will experience seated Meditation, Breath-work and powerful Kriyas, shifting you into altered states of consciousness, so you can move beyond the body and mind to free yourself from old stories, limiting beliefs and any trauma still suppressed in the body, on a cellular level. Before shaking, stomping, connecting and dancing in a cosmic celebration of life, exactly as it is. Rejoicing for all that has or hasn’t been, even if just for that moment, as we invite all polarities; the light and dark, the masculine and feminine, the manifest and un-manifest, to unite in a cosmic union and embrace this wild human experience. Tapping into the ecstasy, that is available to us right here, right now, together, as one. Before winding to a close, where we will move through meditative practices in Shivasana, to surrender as we’re held by the earth beneath us, arriving into a deeper state of harmony and unity consciousness.

This journey will help you reclaim your innate power and return to your wild heart by discovering it’s deepest, most authentic expression. To remember who you truly are, in this celebration of life, as we journey back home together.

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