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Mama Moon Candles are candles made by spiritual warrior Semra and are individually hand poured in London infused with positive energy, healing and the manifestation of all things meta-physical through the mystique and magic of a flickering flame. 

HEALING & MEDITATION - Lavender & Cinnamon

Lavender brings peace, joy and healing to the home. 
Cinnamon helps maintain balance and strengthen your sense of purpose

SPIRITUAL BLEACH - Sage Rosemary & Lemon

Sage clears negativity; bringing peace, comfort and healing.
Rosemary helps clear what’s no longer needed in your life and protects against negative vibes.
Lemon is a strong purifier, resonating with the energy of the moon and the water element, making this candle especially powerful if you wish to burn it during a full moon.
Perfect for fresh starts and new beginnings.


Oud is believed to draw your lover close to you with its rich and hypnotic scent.
Roses are a powerful symbol of love. A rose scent can attract love and bring inspiration and luck in to your home.
Breathe in deep and visualize gratitude for all the love in your life, let it wash over you and manifest what you want.

GOOD FORTUNE - Dragons Blood

Dragon’s blood is used to bring good luck in money, love and success.
Set your intention, visualize it, say it out loud or write it on a piece of paper.

PROTECTION & PURIFICATION - Coconut and Coriander 

Coriander protects against negative influences in the home, bringing peace security and balance.
Coconut is a water element, promoting healing, peace, compassion and purification.

MOON RITUAL - Sandalwood

Sandalwood is magically and spiritually powerful. Its soothing aroma calms the conscious mind before full moon rituals, and promotes higher levels of consciousness, helping with personal growth, spiritual inspiration and manifesting peace. Use this candle to bless your home, or light it on a full moon and make a wish.


Sacred to Native American tribes, tobacco has been used as an offering to the spirits for centuries. Rituals using tobacco invoke a relationship with the divine energies of the universe when seeking spiritual guidance. Its scent promotes confidence and personal strength, while assisting with communication in difficult situations.
Oak helps us attune to nature, enhancing sensitivity and spiritual awareness, and is believed to bring luck, money and protection.

INFINITE GRATITUDE - Orange & Geranium

The scent of orange brings harmony and self-awareness. It is associated with positive thinking, which helps when visualising your goals. 

Geranium is refreshing and calming at the same time, it stimulates inner peace, clears negative energy and helps to strengthen psychic abilities.

FOCUS & CLARITY - Cederwood & Jasmine

Cedarwood guides and protects. It also increases positive thoughts, self-control and courage.
Jasmine helps boost confidence and can inspire the release of emotions and thoughts that are inhibiting your personal growth.
Smell the aroma and visualize yourself poised, calm and in control of your life.

PROSPERITY & COURAGE - Almond & Cardamom  

Almond attracts good fortune, prosperity and wisdom.
Cardamon relaxes the body and stimulates the mind. It boosts confidence and courage.
Set your intention, visualize it, say it out loud or write it on a piece of paper.


250 grams. Hand-poured in London. Soy and mineral wax blend. Burn time approx. 50 hours.Comes in a gift box.

All Mama Moon Candles and potions are made within a protective circle filled with positive energy, while the oil blends are infused with crystals relevant to the spell for extra cosmic vibes.


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