+ s l c - T R I B E +

Meet the gals! 

Together we are SLC and we come with our own lineage of magic. We’ve been working closely with trusted practitioners, artists and healers for over 5 years now. As well as hosting, curating and collaborating on events with these talented souls, we also want to give you the opportunity to experience their magic on a one-to-one basis, trusting in our recommendations and guidance. We hand-pick our tribe intuitively, based on first hand experience, industry accreditations and customer reviews.

Need more guidance? Then opt for our consultation option. We can help guide you to the perfect healer, artist or practitioner.


+ T H E - C r y s t a l - g a l + 

Jill - Jill Urwin Jewellery

Co-founder blah blah blah  

Jill Urwin is an East London jewellery designer who creates beautiful handmade and treasured one-off pieces, each with their own special meaning.

Jill draws inspiration from the natural and spiritual world, particularly from her fascination with crystals and their distinct symmetry and meanings. Her signature designs are beautifully hand-crafted from natural crystals found on her travels, combined with a contemporary twist from the use of harder-edged metalwork and leather. The Wild Collection focuses on nature and folklore from around the world, ensuring that every piece of jewellery has meaning as well as beauty. Bringing a sense of history and meaning to jewellery is an intrinsic part of Jill Urwin’s design.

Jewellery design wasn’t Jill’s original career path, she started out as a Buyer in the fashion industry, which has given her the insight, desire and drive to pursue her new found love of jewellery. With a growing fanbase, which includes Florence Welsh, Ellie Goulding and Yasmin Sewell, Jill’s aesthetic is a refreshing stand-out approach amidst a market of widespread mass production.

+ t h e - m a g i c + m a k e r + 

Cheryl - Velvet Johnstone

Co-founder  blah blah blah  

Velvet Johnstone is an East London based womanswear label establishing a genuine niche for itself in the world of contemporary luxury fashion, creating modern and seductive work through innovative design and complex pattern cutting. Fusing luxurious and hi-tech new fabrics and styling with the harder, masculine edge of tailoring to create complex yet feminine collections and bespoke designs for private clients in the know. Just ask Kylie Minogue, Kelly Rowland, Charlie XCX and Lorde, who’ve all loved and worn Founder, Cheryl Isabell’s, creations.

Velvet Johnstone encapsulates the best of British made fashion traditions paired with a forward thinking approach to design, and use of print and fabrics. The approach gives its collections and private commissions, from the red carpet to rock n’ roll weddings, a heady mix of tailoring, attention to detail and a perfectly balanced aesthetic of feminine modern luxury.

“The essence of my design has always been to make people feel amazing and most importantly, feel like themselves. Expressing yourself through dress is so important and empowering, as well as being an act of self-love. It was such a natural and organic progression to move in the direction of bridal, helping clarify that my purpose is to help people tune into love. What better way to do so than for such a magical day.” 
Cheryl Isabell, Founder of Velvet Johnstone

+ T H E - r e s i d e n t - S h a m a n + 

Tamara - Wolf Sister 

Wolf Sister is a crystal healer, shamanic practitioner, reiki master, tarot advisor and author of The Crystal Code. She's an intuitive healer who infuses mystic wisdom into everyday life.

She has been an apprentice shaman in Bali, taught Supernatural Potion Making classes at Topshop's Oxford Circus flagship store and guided moonlit meditations in Croatia.  

Through her work with individuals and groups, Wolf Sister translates ancient spiritual wisdom into practical tools that we can use in the here and now. Soothing the burdens of modern life with meditation, rituals, crystals and energy healing. With her healing therapies, she guides her clients to realise their own potential by awakening their intuition and supporting them to turn challenges into transformative opportunities. 

Wolf Sister is a resident teacher and tarot reader at She's Lost Control, and has been featured on Vice, The Numinous and Stylist Magazine. She loves working with like-minded visionaries and has also collaborated with Origins, Secret Yoga Club, Hip and Healthy, Olivia Burton Jewellery, Lululemon (Sweatlife), Wanderlust, Lost Village and Obonjan, to create events that offer sanctuary from the urban hustle. 

Wolf Sister holds regular moon ceremonies and crystal healing workshops in London and beyond, amongst other now-age gatherings.

+ T H E - V I N T A G E - Q U E E N +

Dominique - East London Vintage/Rabbit moon 

Vintage sorceress and jewellery maker Dominique comes to She’s Lost Control via East London Vintage and Portobello Market where her regulars included Kate Moss and Roisin Murphy alongside major fashion house design teams. Her loves are 1970’s Indian dresses, vintage charms, cats and anything rabbit or moon shaped.

+ T H E - r e s i d e n t - w i t c h + 

Semra - Mama Moon .

Semra was fashion stylist for over a decade before becoming a bohemian entrepreneur and starting Mama Moon, a bespoke collection of magical scented candles and potions. Semra hosts spell making workshops and moon manifesting ceremonies teaching people how to empower themselves and feel good with the help of a little magic.

She has practised reiki, crystal therapy and moon rituals for over 20 years, and has always held the desire to create ritualistic tools that are accessible to all. She is the author of “Everyday Magic”.


A life long student of all things metaphysical with quite a bit of Oprah Winfrey thrown in for good measure!

I have been practising reiki for 23 years and have been working with the power and magnetic energy of the moon for as long as I can remember… I believe in the spirit and vibrational frequencies.

I am also the creator of Mama Moon Candles…  Candles and potions that are made with scent magic to help you set your intentions and assist with your manifestations. Magic has been such an empowering part of my life, I wanted to create ritualistic tools to help make magic accessible to all.  

My motto is intention + Action = Magic