We are She’s Lost Control Ltd, a London-based independent lifestyle brand with a conscience. Producing, supplying and curating products and events that are meaningful and authentic, whilst adopting a responsible business approach that contributes to our triple bottom line model (The Glasshouse Model).  All our own-branded products are handmade with love in our workshop at 42 Valentine Road, London E9 7AD. As a small independent business, our sustainable development practices and ethical policies are designed to allow for business growth.

The Glasshouse Model – A Journey towards a clearer future

This sustainable development model is part of an on-going project by Jill Urwin (co-founder) as a means to standardise business practices for small businesses that lack the knowledge, expertise and infrastructure to implement their own unique triple bottom line models. 

Previously, Jill has worked on sustainable development projects where she learnt from the founders of the Eden Project, consulted with small fashion brand start-ups, and worked as a Buyer for highstreet retailers and suppliers for around 10 years, as well as running her own brands. Brand performance is based on analysis of social, environmental and financial bottom lines, not just financial P&Ls, so the Glasshouse model transfers social and environmental efforts into tangible values that can be measured and monitored like-for-like.



Social responsibility at She’s Lost Control takes into consideration our commitment towards the welfare of our employees, suppliers, customers and the greater communities that are associated with our business. We divide our social commitments into two categories – Social Compliance and Social Pro-active Initiatives:

Social Compliance:

1.1    We are committed to ensuring that all employees of She’s Lost Control, and employees within our supply chain are paid minimum wage, work in safe and hygienic conditions, and are anti-child labour with free-choice employment. 

 1.2   We are committed to creating long term partnerships based on transparency and respect to help create sustainable employment for our partnerships with small local artisans and businesses, as well some of the world’s most marginalised communities in Brazil. See the Bahia initiative and crystal mining efforts.

 1.3  We are dedicated to protecting human rights. We are a committed equal opportunity employer and will abide by all fair labor practices. We’ll ensure that our activities do not directly or indirectly violate human rights in any country (e.g. forced labor). 

 1.4   All healing tools and wellness practices offered by She’s Lost Control are based on extensive research, experience, training and historical techniques. They are meant as alternative wellness tools to help with modern hectic lives, but should not be considered as alternatives for medical therapy or treatments.

 1.5   None of our products have been tested on animals, caused any harm to animals, or used any animal-related materials. All leather and suede used is vegan friendly.

Social Pro-active Initiatives:                 

1.6   As a lifestyle brand with mental wellbeing at the heart of what we do, we are committed to ensuring that our employees can freely join in their preferred workshops by certified practitioners to help alleviate any stresses from their day-to-day lives.

 1.7   As a modern female-lead business, She’s Lost Control takes a new approach to working hours and locations to ensure positive work-life balance for its employees. We believe that productivity is maximized when working hours and location are tailored to particular employees, increasing motivation and personal happiness. 

1.8   We are committed to providing products and events that have a positive impact on the emotional wellbeing of our customers and community, both locally and digitally.  

1.9   We are working on a ‘Gem Point’ scheme to launch in Spring 2019 that will give back to our community by making sessions and products more affordable. 

1.10 We are working on a long-term initiative to educate both customers and our supply chain on transparency issues surrounding crystal mining. 

1.11  Founder Jill Urwin is proudly a Fairtrade Goldsmith so she hand-makes her pieces using Fair Trade gold to sell at She’s Lost Control. 


Environmental responsibility at She’s Lost Control takes into account our commitment to measuring our environmental impact and ensuring that we are making positive steps to improve practices. We divide our environmental responsibilities into two categories – Environmental Compliance and Environmental Initiatives. 

Environmental Compliance

 2.1   As a minimum, suppliers, sites and growers must comply with the requirements of all local and international environmental laws and regulations including having necessary permits.

 2.2   Our handmade apothecary range is developed in accordance with REACH Regulations, and each product has a safety data sheet. 

 2.3   Where product is organic, we ensure that the correct documentation and certification is obtained. Where product is not certified organic, such as Californian sage and certain herbs, we ensure that we are working closely with our suppliers to ensure that they do not use genetically modified seeds and are never sprayed with chemical herbicides or pesticides. 

 2.4   Where product is derived from nature, such as crystals, we ensure that we are sourcing from mines that do not use large explosives and instead conduct ‘specimen mining’ in smaller scale operations. 

Environmental Initiatives 

 2.5   We are working towards a ‘No Plastic’ initiative by 2020. Currently, we have greatly reduced our plastic usage and it is now only used for certain protective packaging for delicate items, and on the lids of some of our products.

2.6   We use eco-friendly, recyclable cotton branded packaging from Portugal. 

2.7   We are working on a research project with some of our mines whereby the by-product of mining is used by local artisans to make and sell ceramics as a positive use of land waste and new source of income for the community.  

2.8   We work with our suppliers to reduce our carbon omission footprint by restricting the number of crystal shipments each year and combining our orders with other brands. 


3       FINANCIAL 

 3.1   We are committed to ensuring all employees and suppliers are paid fairly, timely and competitively. 

3.2   Although are a small business which has grown organically with no investment and no financial loan, we still strive to operate as a larger scale business to allow for expediential growth in the future.

3.3   We are working on an initiative to give a % of certain sales to help mining communities. Previously, we have worked with Love Support Unite charity to help fund schooling in Malawi.